How do you communicate issues with parents and families?

Posted by Kurt Schultz on 9/19/2018

We know that one thing that we can always improve is communication with parents and families. We are appreciative that our community knows that if you have quesitons or concerns, we want to hear from you! Check out our, "Who do I contact?" FAQ for ideas about where to direct those questions.


Additionally, we work hard to provide reliable and predictable communication, even when events may be unpredictable (inclement weather, emergency situations, unexpected events, etc.). Below, you'll find a communications matrix our school developed and works hard to follow consistently so that we are communicating clearly with our families:

Threshold/Event Communication Timeline Audience Method Communicator
Routine Communication Weekly on Wednesday All staff, all families Listserv, website, twitter Office team and administration
Transportation Immediate Affected staff, families, students App notification, text, Twitter Office team/Bldg. Admin and/or CO
Weather Event Immediate All staff, all families, students App notification, text, Twitter, robocall, Flash Alert CO and Bldg. Admin
Threat to student, staff, or school safety Immediate All staff, all families, students App notification, text, listserv email, robocall Bldg. Admin and/or CO
High visible event/incident (cafeteria fight, ambulance, fire, police, etc.) Same day All staff, all families, students App notification, listserv email, and/or twitter Bldg. Admin
Isolated but signficant event (major injury, fight, drugs/alcohol) Same day/Within 24 hours Involved parents/staff Phone/email Investigator/responding staff/bldg. admin/counselor
Broad pattern of concerning behavior Within a week All staff, all families, students Listserv email Bldg. Admin/counselor
Individual incidents Within 48 hours Involved parents/staff Phone/email Investigator/ responding staff/ admin/counselor