What are the halloween costume guidelines?

Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/25/2017

Costumes will be in good taste for an academic setting and not interfere with the educational process. All classes will take place normally on these days and costumes must allow students to take part in ALL classes, including P.E. Students whose costumes do not follow these guidelines will be sent home to change and will be expected to return in normal school dress.

  • ​Face-masks will not be allowed. Unusual or bizarre make-up does not constitute a costume and if asked to remove it, students will be expected to do so promptly.
  • Dressing as some current rock stars or celebrities could be inappropriate in a school setting. Any such costumes will be judged very carefully as to their suitability at school. Dressing in gang attire is not allowed. Any reference to alcohol, drugs, sex, or violence is considered inappropriate.
  • Colored hair spray and glitter have caused problems with eyes. Use of such materials must be done at home before coming to school. Do not bring these products to school.
  • Remember that toy weapons of any sort (replicas of knives, guns, or any other type of weapon) may not be brought on campus even as a part of a costume. Violation of this guideline will be regarded as a violation of the District’s weapons policy and will result in disciplinary action per district policy.