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Research shows that kids who are involved and connected to school activities outside of class do better in class. Click on the LMS Student Clubs link above for information and registration to the GREAT STUDENT CLUBS happening this year! 

 OREGON BATTLE OF THE BOOKS                                                    Sign-up deadline: Wed. Dec. 15, 2021

What is OBOB? It’s a part reading marathon, part group quiz show!

What do I need to do? Form a team of 2-5 friends. As a team, figure out a way to read the 16 books on this year’s list. Sometimes all team members read all books, and sometimes teams divide up the books so that 1-2 people read each book.

What books do I read? Click Here for a slideshow of the books. 

When is the competition? During the month of Feb., we will an run online tournament following rules that OBOB creates. The exact times and dates of the tournament are to be determined. Our school’s championship team will go to online regionals in March. Click this link for the team registration form.