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2018-19 Kindergarten Information

In order to enroll your child into Kindergarten at Hallinan Elementary School, you must meet the following criteria:


1.  Live in the Hallinan boundary.  You must provide proof of residency (utility bill or purchase/rental agreement)


2.  Your child must be born before September 1, 2013.  If your child was born after September 1st, but before September 15th, you can fill out additional paperwork for early admission.  


3.  Fill out all registration materials (available in the office or here)


4.  Provide a birth certificate or passport for your child and immunization information.  These must be provided prior to you turning in your completed registration packet.  


Registration packets are not being accepted until Kindergarten Counts, which will take place on January 25th at 6:30pm.  Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


If you would like to submit your registration by email, please send it to Lee Gates at or by fax to (503) 534-2251.