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Community understanding and articulation of standards, goals, and outcomes for all students.

Action Steps:

  1. Educating the community.

  2. Move beyond our "families" to include the whole community.

  3. Mutual reliance begtween the community and schools which serve it.

  4. Purposeful outreach to community resources and leaders.


  1. Community surveys/focus groups

  2. Parent surveys/focus groups



  1. Conducted community-wide ThoughtExchange in May 2018.

  2. Surveyed SAC groups for levy input.

  3. Hosted Bond engagement events (three per year) and Board Town Hall meetings (two per year).

  4. Drafted social media plan for District.

  5. Drafted bond/non-bond work communications plan to reach parents and community members.

  6. Continue "The Current". 


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