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Routinely provide more comprehensive information highlighting our successes and the programs and opportunities our schools provide for our students.

Action Steps:

  1. Employ new website billboards to tell our stories; highlight programs, achievements, events, and initiatives.

  2. Maintain contact with alumni and their accomplishments.

  3. Launch superintendent’s blog.

  4. Partner with local media to develop long-range stories.


  1. Train staff at schools to update their websites; coordinate 11 calendars on website; build out academic areas to support educational programs (elementary, dyslexia, etc.)

  2. By 2018-19, identify tools and mechanisms for establishing alumni database.

  3. Number of people who access each blog post. 


  1. Communications staff and staff at each school.

  2. Foundation leads this work.

  3. Superintendent blog written when appropriate; provide messaging for SBAC, ACT, SAT, RTI, PLC, new curriculum adoption, etc. 



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