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Lake Oswego School Board Completes Superintendent Evaluation July 14, 2022

The Lake Oswego School Board announced it completed the annual evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Schiele. The school board recognized the leadership and stability Dr. Schiele has provided the Lake Oswego School District during her first year as superintendent.

“Dr. Schiele is a talented administrator and compassionate leader who exemplifies keeping students at the center of the district's mission. She has been instrumental in guiding our learning community through the pandemic, ensuring continuous in-person instruction and learning experiences the entire school year,” said Board Chair Neelam Gupta. “With an invaluable depth of knowledge and trusted relationships, Dr. Schiele responded to the needs of the community to help retain employees and negotiate agreements with both educational associations successfully. We are fortunate to have Dr. Schiele at the helm of Lake Oswego School District.”


The evaluation process included multiple reports to the board by the superintendent on progress toward meeting the goals and standards mutually agreed upon in August 2021. The process also included a mid-year report and final self-evaluation to the board by the superintendent. Finally, individual board members rated the superintendent on each of the standards and goals, and a consensus rating was achieved.

The School Board rated Superintendent Schiele “Accomplished” for the standard: “Ethics and Professional Norms,” and for both goals: “The superintendent will provide vision and leadership to move the district successfully through the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic” and “The superintendent will establish productive relationships with associations while managing labor relations and contracts effectively.” On the other seven standards, she was rated as “Effective.”

Superintendent evaluations are conducted annually by the Lake Oswego School Board. Dr. Schiele was appointed to the superintendent position in July 2021 with a three-year contract.