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Agreements Reached on New Employment Contracts June 21, 2022

The Lake Oswego School District is pleased to announce it has reached agreements with the Lake Oswego Education Association (LOEA) and the Lake Oswego School Employees Association (LOSEA) regarding new employment contracts. Both employee groups recently voted in favor of ratifying the proposed two-year contracts and the Lake Oswego School Board voted unanimously to approve the contracts at its public session on June 21.

The new two-year contracts will become effective July 1, 2022. The new contracts will replace expiring contracts that were negotiated five years ago. LOEA employees will receive a cost of living increase of 6% in the first year, and 4%, in the second year of the contract. LOSEA employees will receive a cost of living increase of 5% in the first year and 4% in the second year plus a one-time adjustment to increase gross pay an additional 6.95% in the first year and shifting the 6% Individual Account Program (IAP) contribution from a district cost to an employee deduction, which nets out to the district effectively paying 6% in costs in the first year. These increases will help the district to remain competitive as it seeks to hire and retain the best educators and staff. 

As has been the case in the past, the district and both of its employee associations have approached contract negotiations as a collaborative problem-solving process. The positive representation and leadership exhibited by all parties have produced agreements that reflect professional esteem for each other. The ability of the district and its employee associations to work together through the difficult impacts of the pandemic will benefit students, staff, and the community.