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Plans for School, Meals & Childcare Tuesday Sept. 15

Dear LOSD Families and Community,


We have been thinking about our community and neighbors all weekend. We empathize with the stress on everyone, and will continue to offer our services and support. This message is mapping out next steps for LOSD so you may anticipate how we plan to proceed as we resume school during this unprecedented time.


The threat of evacuation has eased up for most who are directly associated with our LOSD community. We do have teachers, staff and families who are displaced, and/or who are aiding families and loved ones. School is made possible by people, and thank you for all who have reached out with care and compassion at this time.


The hazardous air quality continues to be a concern for all. Right now, the air quality in Lake Oswego is at a level where people are asked to remain inside, at home. LOSD school buildings and site operations (meal pickups, extended care, facilities maintenance) are closed while our facilities team is assessing indoor air quality and making determinations about air filtration systems.


Resuming school: Because a number of our teachers have been working from schools to conduct synchronous, live lessons and our schools are closed, we are making tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 15, an asynchronous day of school. That means all students will have asynchronous lessons or assignments posted in their Google Classrooms or Seesaw for school tomorrow. Meal service and childcare are canceled for Tuesday.


We are monitoring the air quality closely. At this time, we anticipate making Wednesday, Sept. 16, a synchronous day of school, with exceptions as needed. We will notify families of the plan for sure by the end of day Tuesday.


I am aware of so many examples of how our community has come to people’s aid with care and compassion, and I hope that we can continue with this mindset in the coming days.