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LOSD Graduation Rates Reflect Success


January 24, 2019

Contact: Christine Moses


LOSD Graduation Rates Reflect Success


January 24, 2019, Lake Oswego, OR -- Lake Oswego School District is proud of their staff and students for the accomplishments of the past year. We know that graduation is a coordinated and dedicated effort from all staff from kindergarten through high school and earning a diploma is a significant milestone for our students.    


“We are offering our students more college dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses so we have increased enrollment in Grade 13 college-level courses by 20% in four years,” said Superintendent Michael Musick. “This increase in rigor keeps our students engaged while helping them explore their career and college options. At the same time, we have increased academic and social supports so students are willing to take the risk by enrolling in more challenging classes. All of this adds up to student success.”


The district graduation rate improved for all students from 92.45% for the 2016-2017 cohort to 93.05% for the 2017-2018 cohort. Four years ago, the graduation rate was 90.02%.


“We are thrilled that our students have excelled at achieving this graduation rate (94.18%). It represents our high-quality teaching, learning, and leadership across Lakeridge,” said Lakeridge High School principal Desiree Fisher. “We work each year to support students in their continued academic growth and strive to create an experience tailored to their individual needs for success. I am proud of our faculty and students as they once again exceeded state results.”


“We pride ourselves on having high expectations for our students and we strive to challenge and support them each day,” said Rollin Dickinson, principal at Lake Oswego High School. “Our increasing graduation rate is the product of so much dedication from our students, teachers, and staff, and don't be surprised if our graduation rate keeps climbing. Our goal is to have 100% of our students graduate, and that is a worthwhile and exceptionally challenging goal.” Lake Oswego High School’s graduation rate increased from 90.04% to 92.35%.


One area that has led to the District’s graduation rate improvement is our focus on “on-track to graduate” for 9th graders. LOSD administrators call this data a super predictor of student success. Lake Oswego’s on-track to graduate measure of future student success has moved from 92% to 99% over the past three years. “We know which students are struggling and we have supports in place to help each and every one of them,” said Musick. “Based on this indicator we can anticipate the graduation rate to continue to trend toward our goal of 100% of our students graduating and career and college ready in the coming years.”


Lake Oswego School District is home to 7,000 students and 700 staff members. Lake Oswego is rated as the best school district in Oregon by Niche. Its mission is to be an inclusive and safe learning community with challenging opportunities that develop lifelong learners and contributing world citizens.