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Traffic Impacts – Country Club Road (Communication from City of LO)

We are reaching out to let you know about an upcoming project on Country Club Road, between the Six Corners intersection and 10th Street/A Avenue. The project includes utility and street improvements in that portion of Country Club Road. Construction is expected to start in January and take six to eight months to complete.


During this time, several temporary traffic revisions will be in place 24/7:

  • Country Club Road will be reduced to two lanes – one travel lane in each direction – and traffic will be shifted
  • Stop signs will be temporarily removed for east and westbound traffic on Country Club Road (at Six Corners and 10th Street)
  • C Avenue, 10th Street and the northbound leg of Iron Mountain Boulevard will be closed at Country Club Road 
  • Traffic speed may be reduced through the corridor 

More than 23,000 motorists travel through this corridor every day. By making these traffic changes, we are trying to maintain flow-through traffic on Country Club, minimize backups and minimize traffic seeking alternate routes through adjacent neighborhoods. However, the temporary traffic adjustments - particularly with the closed side street approaches and removal of stop signs - will impact access to schools in the area and certain travel routes that many people are used to taking.


Everyone should expect delays and plan ahead. During the first few days/weeks when the traffic changes are implemented, please expect that some buses or kids may be late to nearby schools. The first week or so is usually the worse, as people are not used to the changes and take time to get accustomed to them, or to finding another route. We will be monitoring the traffic revisions and will adjust accordingly if needed.


No matter what, it is going to be an impact to everyone. While we aren’t advertising or providing detour routes, we are encouraging people to find another route or plan extra time for travel delays. Portable reader boards will be placed along Country Club/A Avenue a few weeks prior to the traffic changes.


Please visit the City's project website for more information.