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Our mission is to enrich the educational, social, and individual experience of each child, parent, teacher, and staff member. We do this by:

  • Providing a forum for public discussion of community issues between parents, teachers, and  administrators.  This takes place at monthly PTO meetings held on-campus.  Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute.  Free child-care is provided.
  • Supporting each volunteer to success by providing easy sign-ups, clear directions, needed materials, timely response to questions, and giving as much praise and encouragement as possible.
  • Sponsoring various projects and events for River Grove Elementary community members.  These include: Back to School Coffee and Picnic, Fall Family Fun Night, the entire Art Lit program, the Canned Food Drive, Family Movie Nights, the School Carnival, the Science Fair, Spirit Wear, Yearbook, the Online School Directory, Lost & Found, and more!
  • Raising and spending funds to enhance on-campus facilities and educational opportunities for students.  These are things like: field-trip transportation, annual classroom grants and enrichment funds, technology purchases, grounds beautification projects, and more. Any fundraising activity you participate in, at any level contributes to providing these items for our kids.


How Can You Help?


The most important thing that we can all do for River Grove is to connect with one another to build a strong community.  This is accomplished in so many ways: by attending meetings and PTO events, meeting friends at the playground to play after school or on the weekends, attending evening music performances, chatting at the bus stop or at after school pickup and so much more.  The more we get together, the more connected we become.


We love our volunteers and there are so many ways to lend a hand.  Whether it is an hour of project prep for a teacher while sitting on your couch, re-shelving books in the school library, helping cleanup after a PTO event, or serving as a committee lead or board member- your time is SO valuable to our school!  If you have new ideas for how you would like to help, please let us know!  Many hands make FUN work!


There are many different ways to support the PTO with donations throughout the year.  Our hope is that by providing multiple options, each family will have the ability to choose which option(s) works best for them.

  • Flat Student Fee/Booster Donation- For those who prefer to contribute directly and have 100% of their donation go toward funding PTO sponsored events, programs and services.
  • Raccoon Run- For those who would like for their children to play an active role in earning funds for their own school and who would like the option of reaching out to family and friends for pledge support.  
  • Auction- For those who want to opportunity to raise funds for the school while purchasing some fun items for their family.  This event is a huge community builder for the grown ups at our school and it also allows businesses and families to support our school through their generous donations of goods and services!  
  • Restaurant Nights- These events are a great way to connect with small businesses throughout our community.  An added perk- you get the night off of cooking! These events are also a great way to get to know other families in a non-school setting and build community.
  • eScrip- This is a great option for those who like to shop online.  Families can also ask their friends and family to register with eScrip and start earning money for River Grove by shopping at sites like  There is no added cost to you!
  • Box Tops- Another great program that allows family to give back to River Grove by simply clipping and saving box tops from products that have already purchased for their family!  
  • Helping Hands- For those who prefer to donate funds to a program that specifically helps River Grove families with immediate needs such as temporary housing, utility bills, gas and food.  
  • Canned Food Drive- For those families who would like to help our local community by banding together to collect much needed food and personal hygiene products for those who are in need right in our own backyard.