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Thank you levy voters!


Contact: Christine Moses



Lake Oswego School District Grateful for LO Learning Levy


Lake Oswego, Oregon, May 21, 2019 -- Superintendent Michael Musick announced today his gratitude for the Lake Oswego community for its support of Measure 3-547 -- the LO Learning Levy.


“We are so grateful for the support and trust of the Lake Oswego community,” said Superintendent Michael Musick. “The levy is critical to LOSD success. It currently provides more than 12% of our budget. With this vote, we are able to create targeted investments that are critical for each and every student to succeed. We appreciate the parent and community support we received during this campaign.”


The LO Learning Levy campaign was led by parents Neelam Gupta and Sarah Howell, along with every School Board member. Each building had a parent captain who volunteered to engage their school community, answer questions, and organize door to door campaigns.


“I am very grateful for the commitment of the Lake Oswego community in passing the LO Learning Levy, which reaffirms the support and value we place in our children, their education, and our top-notch schools,” said community co-chair Neelam Gupta. “I am honored to have collaborated with a dedicated group of parents and community leaders in this effort. By doing so, we are making sure that our schools are providing individualized support and an exemplary education for each and every student.”


“My heart is full of gratitude for this community that cares so much about our schools,” said community co-chair Sarah Howell. “I especially want to thank our volunteers who gave so much time, especially Neelam Gupta and the captains at our ten schools. These dedicated parents worked so hard to help every student and asked for nothing in return. Thank you!”


School Board Chair Bob Barman echoes the feelings of the community co-chairs. “One of the defining characteristics of the wonderful community we call Lake Oswego, is that we have always come together for our children’s education. The great victory and financial contribution is a gift from our generation to the next generation of children who will lead the world for decades to come.


“I am thankful to our Board members and to the community members who played crucial roles in engaging our entire community,” continued Barman. “We came together to bring the message to everyone. It is critical that everyone understand the good work we are doing in the School District. Thank you for your support and trust.”


The local option school levy was most recently renewed in 2013. It currently provides more than 12% of the District’s annual operational funding. The renewal of the levy provides funding for more than 80 teachers, licensed staff, and support staff while the additional assessment of $0.25 cents per $1000 assessed value provides the following additional staffing:


Mental Health Supports

  • 3 elementary mental health/social-emotional learning counselors
  • 4 secondary mental health/social-emotional learning counselors



  • 6 elementary STEM/innovation teachers; one for each elementary school makerspace
  • 2 secondary STEM/Innovation teachers; to build out computer science offerings



  • 3 elementary reading support/learning specialists
  • 1.5 PE support for elementary schools



  • 1 additional school resource officer


The local option levy will now have a maximum rate of $1.64 per $1,000 of assessed value. The levy is estimated to raise $13 million beginning with the 2019-2020 fiscal year plus 3% each fiscal year thereafter, concluding with the 2023-24 fiscal year, for a total of $69 million over five years. For more information go to: