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Opportunities in Athletics

Dear Parents & Guardians of our Student Athletes,


 We want our students to be involved, to be engaged in meaningful activities and supported by positive relationships. At Lake Oswego High School we are proud to offer outstanding opportunities in academics, athletics, activities, and the arts, and we appreciate how those domains are interrelated. We know, for example, that playing sports can potentially improve the academic experience of our students and prepare them for success and well-being well beyond the field, track, gym, or pool. We also know that what our students learn on stage or in the classroom can provide them with the skills and dispositions to excel in athletics and throughout their lives. In this sense, the goal of all of our extracurricular programs is the same as the mission of our school: to foster an inclusive and well-rounded community of critical thinkers who are prepared for citizenship, college, career, and life-long learning.


In athletics, for boys and girls, teams and rosters are created based on the number of student athletes interested in participating in each sport and the number of student athletes needed to sustain full teams throughout the season. If there is a sufficient number of student athletes, and if there is sufficient interest to support the addition of a team or multiple teams, the District will offer additional levels of the sport. The number of teams provided and the size of the rosters created will be determined by our coaches and athletic director, Chris Coleman, in consultation with the District.  


As in the past, in certain sports coaches have the option to make cuts to their rosters in order to field the strongest competitive teams. At the same time, the District’s athletic program is focused on giving as many students the opportunity to experience the benefits of hard work and dedication that competition provides. Our athletic program maximizes opportunities for our students to be involved, engaged in meaningful activities that challenge them, and supported by positive relationships that help them grow.


If you have any questions about opportunities to participate in athletics, please contact our athletic director, Chris Coleman, by email ( or phone (503.534.2423). I am always happy to speak with you as well.


If you are interested in any of our athletic or activity programs, please fill out this interest form.




Rollin Dickinson