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Superintendent's Update 7-10-2019

In an effort to provide regular communication regarding pool-related developments, I am sharing additional information here with the intention of keeping our community informed. As shared in the previous communication about the pool, the LOSD School Board has directed staff to begin the planning and design of a pool at the Lakeridge Middle School site.  As such, we have a few next steps outlined that I’d like to share with you.

It is important to note that the master plan layout which was shared at a School Board meeting earlier this spring is conceptual and not a final design. This is why LOSD is initiating a process to engage a pool designer/architect. This step is intended to explore possible design options and provide information about the feasibility of the location that the School Board has selected - Lakeridge Middle School. The School Board has also indicated that as we move forward with the planning phase of the project we may explore the possibilities of a different location. While Lakeridge Middle School is the best location identified by the District in its inventory, the design phase will determine the feasibility of this or other locations, and will zero in on locations that most likely will maintain the most open space and that will efficiently utilize a particular site. This phase will also include additional outreach during planning to weigh other siting options and the extent to which they are feasible. 

We are coordinating with City Parks and Recreation through our master planning planning effort, all of which will be tested by long range facilities planning. Additionally, the pool planning phase will allow us to determine the feasibility and extent of a potential pool partnership, and LOSD will only take the design to a certain point where key decisions will need to be made as related to funding, location, and community impact. 

Concerns have been expressed about potential loss of athletic fields due to placement of a track at Lakeridge Middle School. I want to convey to our community that we understand the importance of athletic fields, and our intention is to work to enhance, replace or, to the greatest degree possible, preserve them, while still meeting our educational goals. This is an area in which we intend to continue our partnership with City Parks and Recreation as we all work together to support our  youth athletic community. 

Upon completion of the steps outlined above, staff will make a recommendation to the school board based on the planning phase, site feasibility, and anticipated funding for the pool. The pool can be scaled to fit the available funding and we will be exploring various options throughout the process.  

More information will be presented at each major step as the District and City move forward in the assessment, development, and planning process. This proposed coordinated approach between the City and the District is intended to ensure that our collective resources are put to their highest and best use. We are excited to work with the City as our partner in this process.