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Lake Oswego Jr High Launched Sparrow Project for Ava

Lake Oswego Jr. High adopted their first Sparrow last week! Students at LOJ were introduced to Sparrow Clubs USA, a local nonprofit inspiring compassion in the hearts of today’s youth. Through a virtual assembly, students watched the journey of five-year-old  Ava, diagnosed with an Astrocytoma brain tumor, and her courage and strength to fight to get better. Students were challenged to make a difference in the lives of others through acts of community service in honor of Ava.

Thanks to Community Club Sponsors, for every hour of community service student, serve, $10 is unlocked for their Sparrow Ava up to a 300-hour challenge mark. By focusing on community service, the Sparrow program allows everyone to make a difference regardless of popularity, economic situation, athleticism, intelligence, etc. This family is more than special to LOJ because she is the daughter of Mr.Lopez, one of the staff members.

2021-2022 Sparrow. watch Ava's story. Photo of Ava and QR code.