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K-2 Educators Hone their Literacy Skills

More than 75 Lake Oswego School District teachers including all kindergarten through second grade teachers, literacy specialists, RTI coordinators, and elementary principals participated in a full day training today with Barbara Steinberg from PDX Reading. Barbara took teacher teams through an in-depth training on how to fully integrate phonological awareness and alphabetic principle in explicit, systematic K-2 literacy instruction.

Helping teachers continue development of their professional skills in teaching phonics and phonemic awareness helps provide a strong foundation for students to learn how to read. For example, teachers learned how there are 26 letters in the English language, but there are 44 distinctly different sounds known as phonemes. 

Teachers collaborated, connected the Common Core State Standards in foundational reading, and learned strategies to bring curriculum to life in our primary classrooms across the district. "At the core, classroom teachers are the people who need to know how to do the work with our kids" says Barbara Steinberg, founder of PDX Reading.

“LOSD is excited to be in partnership with Barbara Steinberg as we continue to create meaningful professional development opportunities for our staff”, said Frank Luzaich, Executive Director of Elementary Programs.

“Today's learning is intended to support all learners with quality instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics,” said Westridge Elementary Principal Kari Montgomery. “Our work with Barbara will strengthen core instruction, which will help target our individualized instruction and interventions for students who struggle.” All students will benefit from these strategies, including our students who have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia.

teachers listening to speaker


teachers listening to speaker


teachers listening to speaker


teachers at literacy skills workshop