Facilities and Infrastructure Strategic Plan

Facilities & Infrastructure

  • Priority: We strive to give our students high quality facilities within our budget constraints. LOSD will have appropriate capacity, resources, and technology by developing short-term and long-range facilities plans that provide for comparable academic and extracurricular facilities across the district. Our facilities are safe and secure environments that support and enable innovative, robust, and rigorous instructional learning strategies, differentiated instruction, and multiple learning pathways at every school.

    Background: A comprehensive educational experience for our students includes highly valued assets including academics, arts, and athletics. Flexibility in the use of our facilities, infrastructure, and grounds is critical to the long-range planning of the district in order to meet the current needs of diverse programming, evolving curricula, and unforeseen educational opportunities. The Long Range Facility Plan informs the three-bond process for the next 15 years.

    Board Metrics:

    1. The board and administration inspire community confidence in the bond process through successful completion of approved bond projects, transparent deliberations, and engagement with the community by supporting the Bond Accountability Committee and the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee.

    2. Board decisions will be based on maintaining, designing, and developing equitable opportunities in all facilities.

    3. Board decisions will strive to ensure that athletic facilities are safe and high quality as compared with other members of the Three Rivers League based on regular review by and recommendations emerging from the Long Range Facilities Committee.

    4. The board will support the superintendent in making technology upgrades as a priority in the implementation of the bond program.

    5. The board will support the superintendent in making sustainability a priority in the design, construction, and operation of upcoming bond projects.

Ends 3: Infrastructure at Lake Oswego School District

    1. Every school will have updated, quality instruction and extracurricular settings that provide comparable safe and secure environments that support multiple learning pathways.

    2. Every school will have appropriate resources and technology which support innovative, robust, and rigorous instructional learning strategies and different learning styles.
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