Lakeridge Middle School Rebuild

June 5, 2020

Aerial view of construction at Lakeridge Middle School

Lakeridge Middle School Frequently Asked Questions

  • Parents, guardians, students and community residents attended an information session held on Feb. 4, 2020 to discuss restroom designs in the new Lakeridge Middle School.

    Topics discussed were rooted in safety, equity, and inclusivity. Questions covered different specifications in the various restroom options such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility features and feminine hygiene products, to plans for supervising students and how the design information has been communicated.

    This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document addresses the questions and comments from the information session. 

     Q: How were the new restroom design plans communicated?

    A: Plans for the new building have been shared and discussed at public forums since 2018. It was discussed in-depth at the design meeting on May 29, 2018, presented at the School Board meeting on Aug. 27, 2018, shared at the Community Workshop Open House on Sept. 8, 2018, and published in the Lake Oswego Review Nov. 20, 2018.

     Q: What are the new restrooms?

    A: We are building restroom designs with options for all people that are safe and private. People at the new Lakeridge Middle School will have a choice of restroom options to accommodate their needs without segregating any person. The universal design of gender neutral restrooms makes them more equitable and inclusive and the room layout makes them much easier to supervise and manage, hence safer.

     Q: What are the specifications and features of the restroom options?

    A: The new Lakeridge Middle School has several different restroom designs offering options for all people. These design options include: 

    • 31 individual toilet rooms in restroom areas, with communal sinks in the restroom hall; these individual toilet rooms have floor to ceiling walls and doors for privacy. Communal sinks are in the hallway. 
    • 17 single-occupancy full use restrooms equipped with a toilet, sink, menstrual care products, ADA accessibility features, and storage. These options are like the restrooms used at Starbucks. Of these single-use restrooms, two are equipped with staff-assist Hoyer lifts and adult-size changing tables and two by the community-gathering areas include baby changing tables. One single-use restroom is in the health room and two are in the staff administration area
    • 12 toilets in the two gendered locker rooms each with six traditional toilet stalls; single-occupancy restrooms equipped with a toilet, sink, menstrual care products, and ADA accessibility features; private changing rooms; and private showers.

    Q: How was the restroom design determined?

    A: Eighteen months ago parents, teachers, staff and administration worked with nationally recognized consultants to design a state-of-the-art school for the 21st century. The restroom options being built in the new Lakeridge Middle School are based on proven designs in use in middle and high schools throughout the country and world -- including but not limited to schools in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Missouri and Scotland -- and are consistent with new and existing construction in numerous public and commercial buildings. Here are a few links discussing those schools’ implementations:

    Q: What was the thinking behind the new restroom designs?

    A: The restroom design decisions are grounded in developing safe, equitable, and inclusive learning environments for all people. We make decisions through the LOSD Equity Lens, which can be found on our website. It applies intentional attention to how various students will be impacted.

    Q: What all is included in the ADA restrooms? Where are they located?

    A: All 17 of the single-occupancy full use restrooms are equipped with a toilet, sink, menstrual care products, ADA accessibility features, and storage. Of these single-occupancy full use restrooms, two are equipped with staff-assist Hoyer lifts and adult-size changing tables and are located on the first and second floors including next to the common areas and community gathering spots such as the cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasiums. We have consulted with members of our Student Services Parent Advisory Committee throughout the design process.

    Q: What options do you have for a person menstruating?

    A: All of the single-occupancy full use restrooms, which include a toilet and sink in a private room, are equipped with menstrual care products that are free for all to use. All toilet rooms include disposal bins for used products.

    Q: What measures are you taking to make the new school as safe as possible?

    A: Safety and security at school is established through a combination of structural and design approaches, protocols and training for students and staff, and proactive work to build a culture of care for each other’s safety. The building’s design included a comprehensive safety review by numerous experts, our protocols and training approaches continue to evolve with established best practices and lessons-learned, and ongoing instruction about positive community expectations around safety and respect are part of our instructional program at all our schools. As at the other schools in the district, the new middle school will be equipped with cameras in the public areas, including outside of the restrooms. All adults in the building during school hours, including administrators, teachers, staff and visitors are background checked upon hiring, and through the new Raptor secure entry system.

    Q: What are the plans and protocol for supervising the restrooms?

    A: Administration actively supervises the entire school throughout every period of the day. In particular, they employ a regimented schedule to rotate through the restroom areas. When students leave class for any reason, they check out with a teacher. If they do not return in a timely fashion or arrive at their planned destination, staff alert the office and we check on the student to ensure they are safe and have their needs met. We are routinely able to address unexpected health concerns, provide counseling support to students, redirect students who may be avoiding a non-preferred task, or provide other support to maintain a safe and productive learning environment. Additionally, these restrooms will be used by administrators, teachers, and other staff members which provides a natural opportunity to encourage responsible and safe student use. As at the other schools in the district, the new middle school will be equipped with cameras in the public areas, including outside of the restrooms.

    Q: How are the restrooms designs safe?

    A: The hallway layout of the restrooms enables supervisors to see through the area for greater supervision. The wide and double entries deter congregating, and allows people to move freely in and out of the restroom area. Protocols for ensuring safety in single-occupancy full use restrooms are already in place across the district, which currently has many single-occupancy full use restrooms. These protocols and best practices from other buildings with similar designs will be reviewed as we prepare for our move into the new building. If any Lakeridge Middle School parent or student has any concerns about their safety while in school - whether in class, on a field, in a locker room, or a bathroom - the school staff will work with students and families to customize a personal safety plan.

    Q: What about students using e-cigarettes in the restrooms?

    A: That’s a behavioral concern, not a design issue. We are working to fight this public health issue with education in our health curriculum, discussion forums and literature, and social-emotional learning supports. There is no evidence that e-cigarette use is higher in single-user or all-gender bathrooms.

    Q: What about people possibly misusing or tampering with the menstrual care products?

    A: That’s a behavioral concern, not a design issue. We have supervision plans to deter such behavior.  

    Q: What about keeping the restrooms clean?

    A: Our staff strives to keep our facilities clean for all students at all times. The restrooms are cleaned every night, and we have full time custodians and building engineers on site who will inspect and clean bathrooms regularly as needed. Features of the new construction including durable finishes will make it much easier to keep everything in working condition, and therefore allow more time to focus on cleanliness. The design includes large areas of similar finishes, such as floors, allowing efficiency in cleaning and maintenance. Since the restroom areas are single occupant rooms, individual rooms can be cleaned one at a time on an as needed basis. This allows staff to constantly monitor and attend to areas without closing an entire restroom area. 

    In regards to student toilet use, lifting toilet seats, washing hands, throwing trash in bins are all behaviors taught at home and in school, and reinforced in health class. We help foster these societal norms as we teach students to be considerate members of a community.  

    Q: Based on what you heard, can you make any changes to the designs?

    A:  What we heard were questions about different options for all students, which is what is on track in the new school opening later this year; rooms are framed and plumbing is installed. The new school will have individual toilet rooms, single-occupancy full use restrooms, and traditional gendered locker rooms that include both open and private changing and restrooms.  

    We also heard a strong interest in better understanding the safety and supervisory plans for the new building. We develop these plans in conjunction with our teachers, staff and district safety team. Plans for the new building will be finalized over the summer, before staff and students move into the new building. We will communicate these plans via email, website, parent club meetings, and will host an open house to walk people through all of the new features and safety protocols of the new building.

    Q: Why did you place stories on the local news channels?

    A: When news desks called the district’s communications director based on a tip from a parent, we responded with information and interviews upon request. What was seen on TV is what the media outlets chose to cover. 

    Q: What is next?

    A: We will be setting up a follow-up session to talk in-depth with individuals.

Web Cam at Lakeridge Middle School

Lakeridge Middle School Replacement (updated March 2020)

  • Bond Team for this project includes:

    Tony Vandenberg, Executive Director of Project Management
    Paul Eskeldson, Senior Project Manager
    Debbie Hansen, Project Coordinator
    Mahlum Architects – Design Team
    Skanska – Construction Company


    Lakeridge Middle School staff and students will move into their new building in October of 2020. This will allow LOSD time to install technology, set up classrooms and offices, and train faculty to operate in the new building, ensuring a smooth opening of the new building. The Bond Team is working with LOSD leadership, LMS faculty and the City to plan the move into the building, parking and traffic flow and how the students will enter the building.


    • base roof membrane is weather-tight and installation of the permanent roof is in progress
    • brick veneer is complete on the lower walls and fiber-cement siding is progressing on the upper walls
    • interior fire sprinkler, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) rough-in are nearing completion
    • interior sheathing began at the end of February

    Locker Rooms/Kitchen

    • interior framing is complete
    • overhead MEP rough-in is nearly complete
    • gypsum board sheathing has started

    South Wing

    • concrete slabs and shear walls are complete
    • structural framing, joists and roof decking are complete. Exterior walls have been stood up and final connections are being detailed
    • first-floor interior framing is underway. The top section of gypsum board has been installed to allow overhead MEP to proceed
    • final connections and runs are being made on both overhead and in-wall MEP systems

    West (Music) Wing

    • roof decking is complete and roofing has begun
    • MEP rough-in is underway
    • concrete slab for the second-floor corridor has been poured

    North Wing

    • concrete slabs and shear walls are complete
    • interior framing has begun on the first floor
    • overhead MEP utility rough-in has been started


    • roof joists have been installed over 2/3 of the area


    • concrete slab has been poured for the stage

    Jean Road Improvements

    • PGE started pulling wire through the underground conduits along Jean Road
    • telecommunications utility companies will relocate their lines when PGE is finished

Lakeridge Junior High School Replacement

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