Lakeridge Middle School Rebuild

Web Cam at Lakeridge Middle School

Lakeridge Middle School Replacement – Project Update June 2019

  • Bond Team for this project includes:

    Tony Vandenberg, Executive Director of Project Management
    Paul Eskeldson, Senior Project Manager
    Debbie Hansen, Project Coordinator
    Mahlum Architects – Design Team
    Skanska – Construction Company


    • The contractor is excavating the site to prepare the soils for the building foundation. A large rock field was encountered under the north half of the building. Identifying the extent and profile of the rock field has required additional exploration and development of different subgrade profiles for the various conditions
    • Subgrade for the gym and locker room area is complete and footings are formed for the gyms. The first concrete pour will occur after the building permit is received
    • The building permit is being reviewed by the City. The design team is responding to City questions as they are received
    • The Public Works permit for construction on Jean Road will start upon receipt of the permit

Lois D. Cohen Associates Create School-based Community Outreach Program

  • Intro:

    Students are the primary beneficiaries of capital improvements to their schools, but they are often left out of discussions about how those improvements happen. As part of Lake Oswego School District’s on-going commitment to community engagement in the school bond process, the district team partnered with public involvement firm Lois D. Cohen Associates (LCA) to create a school-based community outreach program to increase Lake Oswego students’ understanding of, and participation in, the exciting improvements happening in their schools as part of the 2017 Lake Oswego School Bond Project.

    What we did:

    This program was kicked off in the fall of 2018 when LCA met with twelve 8thgrade Lakeridge Jr. High School students to discuss the school bond projects and what leaders in their school community hoped to achieve as a result of these projects. Students then presented what they had learned to a community open house in September. Now these junior high schoolers are ready to present what they’ve learned about the school bond measure to elementary schools across the district.

    In addition to the 8thgrade focus groups, LCA visited Lakeridge Jr. High teacher Catherine Melton’s classroom to facilitate a civics lesson and role-play activity. During this visit, students performed a mock city council meeting and presented arguments that address the complexity of balancing different schools’ needs, community perspectives, and importantly, available resources. 


    As they continue to learn about school bond projects that will affect their classrooms and their schools, the hope is that these students will become school and project ambassadors, connecting with both current and future Lake Oswego students. By being involved, students have an opportunity to understand the political process through which voters approve capital improvement projects, as well as gain a better understanding of the projects themselves, perhaps ultimately helping to create a sense of ownership for the projects that directly affect their schools.

Lakeridge Junior High School Replacement

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Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building's entry

Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building showing the entry

Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building's courtyard

Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building's courtyard

Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building's front door

Rendering of new Lakeridge Junior High building's front door
Community members holding signs stating what they wish for in the new junior high