Curriculum Guide 2018 - 2019

  • Lake Oswego High School 
    Established 1951
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    Lake Oswego, OR 97034

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    Nationally recognized as a School of Excellence
    Ranked as Gold Medal School by US News and World Report
    Received Highest Ranking by the Oregon Department of Education

    We enthusiastically welcome you into our school community.
    We invite you to contribute.
    At Lake Oswego High School, we learn and lead together.
    The journey begins here, determining your specific path, for your next school year!

    Within the pages of this curriculum guide you will find courses reflecting
    our strong emphasis on academics, including the visual and performing arts,
    robust programs for student support and special services, dynamic
    extra-curricular opportunities and highly competitive athletic teams.*
    With our "Exceptional" school rating, National Merit Finalists,
    Presidential Scholar Candidates, Award-Winners for Civic Service,
    and consistently high SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement scores,
    LOHS is regarded as one of our nation's top-achieving high schools.

    All combined these make your high school years as a Laker a solid foundation in your life.
    Choose the most challenging plan for you!

Lake Oswego High School Mission

  • Our mission is to foster an inclusive and well-rounded community of critical thinkers who are prepared for citizenship, college, career, and life-long learning.

Lake Oswego High School Vision

  • We must inspire young adults to contribute and grow within a safe, supportive, learning environment that promotes the development of 21st Century skills, so that they will be prepared to thrive in a rapidly changing global society.

Lake Oswego High School Values

    • We value the collaboration of staff, students, family and community.
    • We believe respect and acceptance are the foundation for strong relationships.
    • We value a rigorous curriculum that supports critical thinking and problem solving.
    • We believe that curiosity inspires the learning process.
    • We value our students' talents, skills, and creative energy.
    • We believe in continually improving our school culture.
    • We are committed to helping each student feel emotionally and physically safe, supported, and valued as a member of our learning community.



Scheduling Information

  • We encourage you to carefully use the Lake Oswego High School Curriculum Guide as you choose your classes for this school year. This guide is much more than a list of course offerings; it is a counseling tool to help you organize your high school educational plan and begin preparing for your post-secondary education and career goals. Whatever your goals, we urge you to seriously consider taking a rigorous, challenging course of study while attending Lake Oswego High School.

    With the guidance and expertise of counselors, students will begin the forecasting process in the spring to request their next year's courses. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in this process and carefully review the verification sheet mailed home in the spring to see if any changes are needed. Students are asked to put quality time into their decision process, as classes will be formed based on their requests. In selecting courses, students should be aware of the following:

    • Check prerequisites before signing up for a specific class.
    • Note that the following courses require an application: AP Biology, AP English Language and Literature, AP English Literature and Composition, AP European History, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Psychology, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, Academic Mentor, Cadet Teaching, Sophomore and Freshman Honors English, International Marketing, Newspaper, Peer Mentor, Peer Tutor, Work Experience, Yearbook.
    • Be aware that the following courses require an audition: A Capella Choir, Bel Canto Choir, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and Windjammers.
    • Consider that the following courses require Staff Recommendation/Signature: All Math and Science courses, AP Studio Art/2-D Design, AP Studio Art/3-D Design, AP Calculus, AP Chinese, AP French, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, Department Assistants, Independent Study, Library Assistant, String Orchestra, Peer Mentors, Symphonic Band, World Languages 4+.
    • Check credit options. Courses that students may repeat for credit (example: Weight Training) have designations at the end of their course description. If there is no statement saying students may take the course again, you may not earn additional credit by taking the class.
    • Students who participate in athletics/activities must have passed five credited classes in the semester prior to their activity and must remain enrolled in five credited classes while participating in the activity. Proficiency credit does not count as one of the five credited classes needed for eligibility.
    • Thoughtfully select alternate classes in case first choice electives are unavailable. Some electives may not be taught due to under enrollment; others will have more students sign up than space is available.
    • If you do not provide alternative electives, you will be scheduled into a Study Hall or open class you did not choose.
    • Forecasting for courses is completed online using LOHS SIS 'StudentVue'.
    • Math placement will be determined by student's current math teacher. Placement questions should be addressed with the student's current math teacher.
    • Options for the following year's Science classes, determined by current science teacher.
    • Department Assistant and Work Experience are not forecasted for, but set up at start of semester if applicable and/or Counselor recommended.
    • Materials and Fees: Students may participate in any course offered as part of the standard curriculum without cost. However, in some courses, students may pay material fees in order to keep the projects or workbooks that they create. The following is a list of courses to which fees may apply: Art Classes, Ceramics, Foods Courses, and World Languages.
    • If a student applies for but is not recommended for an honors or AP for which the prerequisites are met, the student and parent or guardian can override the recommendation and enroll in the course by contacting the Assistant Principal.

Graduation Requirements

  • Lake Oswego High School students will work towards a Lake Oswego District Standard Diploma. This diploma will be awarded to a student who has met attendance requirements and has earned course credits based on passing performance requirements. All ninth graders will begin earning credits towards this diploma unless they are receiving special education and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team determines a different diploma option is more appropriate. Listed below are the requirements for this diploma. Requirements are defined by units of credit. Passing a yearlong course earns one unit of credit and passing a semester earns a half unit of credit.

    During the four years of high school a student must earn twenty-five credits. The following are the course subject areas and credit amounts that must equate to the twenty-five credits:

    • Advanced Communications = .5 credit in Grade 9
    • Electives = 6.5 credits
    • English = 4 credits
    • Fine Arts = 1 credit (.5 recommended by end of Grade 10)
    • Health = 1 credit (.5 credit in Grade 9 or 10, and .5 credit in Grade 11 or 12)
    • Mathematics = 3 credits
    • Physical Education = 1 credit (.5 credit in Grade 9 or 10, and .5 credit in subsequent years)
    • Science = 3 credits
    • Social Studies = 3 credits
    • World Language = 2 credits (2 credits may transfer from Junior High)

    In District Junior High Students: A student who passed Algebra or a higher math class at a junior high will earn Elective units of credit for those classes. These students must still complete three credits of math in high school. A student who passed World Language classes in junior high will earn World Language credit for those classes at Lake Oswego High School. These courses will not count into a student's high school grade point average.

    Out of District Junior High Students: Students transferring in from junior highs outside the Lake Oswego School District must complete and submit a "Pre 9th Grade Verification Form" (available on Lake Oswego High School's website under Counseling) to have their Math and Language coursework applied to their high school transcript. Only high school equivalent courses will be eligible. The Pre 9th Grade Credit Form must be completed, signed, and dated by the previous pre 9th grade teacher and school.

    Essential Skills Required for Graduation

    The state requires that all students demonstrate they are proficient in certain "Essential Skills" before they are awarded a diploma. These skills are deemed critical for future success. The Essential Skills are process skills which enable students to learn content and apply their knowledge across disciplines. Students must demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills of reading, writing, and math. Students will have multiple options and opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in these Essential Skills by meeting state standards through:

    • The Smarter Balanced Assessments
    • Samples of student work scored by trained teachers; or,
    • Additional standardized assessments (such as the SAT and ACT.


    Career-Related Graduation Requirements

    • The following requirements personalize the diploma for each student and help students plan for their post-high school education and career goals.
    • Education Plan and Profile: Students develop a plan and profile to guide their learning and document progress toward their personal, career, and post-high school goals.
    • Extended Application: Students apply and extend their knowledge in new and complex situations related to the student's personal career interests and post-high school goals through critical thinking, problem solving, or inquiry in real world contexts.
    • Career-Related Learning Experiences: Students participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community and/or school relevant to their education plan.


    Early Graduation

    All requests for early graduation must be approved by the School Board. In order to be considered for early graduation, a student must be on track to have met State and District Attendance, Course Credit and performance requirements. Early graduation requests may include no more than a total of one credit as a student assistant or in work experience as part of the required twenty-five credits, unless the student is earning a modified or basic diploma.

    A student must apply for early graduation by the end of the sophomore year. 

Academic Policies and Information

  • Grading

    The Lake Oswego School District's evaluation procedure is designed to reflect support of academic achievement and the development of citizenship. Letter grades are intended to provide information on academic performance, to encourage continued academic growth and to create a record of academic achievement.

    A letter grade is based on the teacher's professional evaluation of student achievement in the following areas: Completion of Assignments, Examination Scores, Mastery of Pertinent Skills and Handling Abstractions, and Application of Knowledge. Each teacher will provide each student with a written explanation of the expectations and the grading system for the course of study.

    The following letter grades indicate what the student has achieved in a class, relative to the five stated components of evaluation:

    A = Excellent

    B = Above Average

    C = Average

    D = Minimum Passing Grade

    F = Failing

    S = Satisfactory

    U = Unsatisfactory


    Weighted Grade Point Average and Weighted Courses

    At the end of each semester students receive a letter grade for each of their courses. Most courses at Lake Oswego High School are calculated on a 4 point scale, with a grade of A worth 4 points, B worth 3, C worth 2, D worth 1 and F worth 0.

    AP and Honors courses, along with a few other challenging courses, are designated as Weighted Courses. For these courses students earn 5 points for an A, 4 for B, 3 for C, 2 for D and 0 for F. The Weighted Courses at Lake Oswego High School are:

    All AP Classes, Calculus 3, Chinese 4, Freshman and Sophomore Honors English, French 4, Japanese 4, Pre-Calculus, and Spanish 4.


    Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

    A student may elect to take one non-required course per semester on an S/U basis rather than the usual grading system. For World Languages, 3rd year and above qualify for S/U. Students desiring to take a course on an S/U basis need to declare this intention and complete appropriate paperwork by the end of the fifth week of the semester. This should be done in consultation with one's teacher, counselor, and parent.

    All Department Assistants (DAs), Work Experience, Community Service, Peer Tutors, and Cadet Teaching will automatically be graded S/U. An S/U class is not counted as eligible for the Honor Roll each semester.



    With Assistant Principal approval, an Incomplete (I) grade will be assigned when circumstances beyond the student's or teacher's control prevent the student from completing the course work on time and there is a definite goal to finish the course. A student may also be given an incomplete grade in other circumstances if the teacher and the student's counselor agree it best serves the student with Assistant Principal approval. The course shall be finished timely by not more than two weeks beyond the end of the grading period. Failure to do so within twi weeks will result in an "F" grade, unless a prior arranged time extension has been made with the Assistant Principal.


    Honor Roll

    Each semester students who earn the weighted GPA of 3.5 and above are placed on the Lake Oswego High School Semester Honor Roll.


    National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society embraces four key values: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. The National Honor Society Application is built around these four key values beginning with scholarship.

    Students are required to have an accumulated GPA of weighted 3.50 or higher to meet the initial scholarship requirement to be considered for the National Honor Society. In addition to a student's GPA, applications to OMEGA National Honor Society at Lake Oswego High School will be considered holistically with respect to the three remaining key values. The successful application will demonstrate evidence of strength in each of the areas. 


    Advanced Placement and Honors Level Courses

    The Advanced Placement (AP) program offers college-level courses that are challenging and stimulating, allowing for individual progress and accomplishment, and exploring subjects in greater depth. AP exams will be administered in the spring and give students the opportunity to earn advanced placement and/or college credit. Students may qualify for an Honors or AP class by applying in the spring of the previous year. If a student applies for but is not recommended for an honors or AP for which the prerequisites are met, the student and parent or guardian can override the recommendation and enroll in the course by contacting the Assistant Principal. Following is a list of Advanced Placement/Honors courses offered at Lake Oswego High School:

    AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Chinese, AP Economics, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP European History, AP French, AP Music Theory, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art/2-D Design, AP Studio Art/3-D Design, AP U.S. Government, AP U.S. History, Calculus 3, Freshman Honors English, Sophomore Honors English.


    STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

    Students have exciting opportunities to take challenging college-level science and math courses, participate in STEM related co-curricular clubs or internships, and pursue their intellectual curiosity as they prepare for college. A student who takes advantage of these opportunities will leave Lake Oswego High School well prepared for college and potentially have enough credits to enter college as a sophomore. STEM certificates are awarded at the end of senior year to the students who complete: 6 Science classes, 3 Technology and/or Engineering classes, and 4 Math classes. Each year of participation