Website Accessible Version of Lake Oswego School District Volunteer Guidelines

  • Volunteers who contribute their time and talents to Lake Oswego schools are a valued asset and make a significant contribution in helping the district accomplish its educational mission. The district is very fortunate to have the active participation of many parents in our learning community.

    Try to be Punctual and Reliable

    The valuable time that our volunteers contribute can be used most effectively if teachers and staff know they can rely on schedules. If you can't make it for your scheduled time or will be late, please make every effort to inform those expecting you.

    Respect the Learning Environment

    Teachers are in the best position to determine the most effective use of volunteers in their classrooms. Remember that every task is an important contribution to the teacher's ability to focus on classroom instruction.

    Keep Confidential Information Confidential

    As a volunteer, you may learn confidential information about students in your school. It is of critical importance that you keep that information confidential and not divulge it, even to friends or family. Students and parents trust you - just as they do staff members - to maintain their rights and privacy. Volunteers do not have the right to access personnel files of employees or the records of students. These are confidential files, and access to these files is defined by state regulation.

    Understand School Rules and Guidelines

    • Volunteers must always sign in at the office and wear an identification badge.
    • Always work with students in the presence of another adult or in an area where you are easily observed.
    • Please do not bring younger children with you when you volunteer.
    • Please turn off your cell phone when in the classroom.
    • Student discipline is the responsibility of the teacher and/or principal.
    • Remember to dress appropriately for the activity.
    • Learn your way around the school, including location of exits, restrooms, supply and workroom areas, and designated parking areas (if applicable).
    • Ask for assistance before using unfamiliar equipment.

    Background Checks

    For the safety of our students, school district volunteers who are not parents, who are not known to school staff, or who do not have a history of working or volunteering in the district will be asked to complete a form authorizing a criminal background check before volunteering. This form will be processed through the Human Resources Department of the Lake Oswego School District. Additionally, the district reserves the right to require a background check for any volunteer.

    Child Abuse

    Volunteers should report suspected incidents of child abuse. This can include physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. If you suspect child abuse, see the principal ad refer to the School Board Policy on reporting child abuse. (Policy number 5310)

    Drug Free/Tobacco Policy

    The Lake Oswego School District has a drug-free workplace policy and prohibits the use of tobacco and alcohol on district property. (See Policy number 4155)


    Each building has a copy of the Emergency Procedure Manual covering procedures for evacuations, lock downs, injuries, fires, electrical outages and child abuse reporting. Each district building has an evacuation map posted. Please study it and become familiar with the required evacuation routes and locations of exits and fire alarms. Success during emergencies relies on everyone following the same plan.

    Harassment and Discrimination

    Harassment and discrimination are not permitted in the Lake Oswego School District. If you observe harassment or discrimination you should report the incident to the principal. (See Policies number 4151 and 5112)

    Weapons Policy

    The Lake Oswego School District has a zero tolerance policy for weapons in district buildings. If you suspect that someone is carrying a weapon on school district property, please note the person's appearance and location and report the information to the principal or another district administrator immediately. (See Policy number 5233 for complete information and definitions of weapons in the schools)

    Information Resources

    • Lake Oswego School Board Policies are available for review (on the district website), at all schools and the district administration building.
    • Student handbooks include important information about rights and rules for students. These are provided to all families at the beginning of the school year and are available at all schools.


    Volunteers who have been convicted of any of the crimes identified in ORS 342.143, or the substantial equivalent of any of those crimes if the conviction occurred in another jurisdiction or in Oregon under a different statutory name or number, or have made a false statement as to the conviction of a crime, are excluded from serving as a volunteer in the Lake Oswego School District. The district may choose to not approve a volunteer for convictions other than those identified in ORS 342.143. A copy of ORS 342.143 is available upon request in the school office.