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Resolving Issues and Appealing Decisions

Members of the school board are your elected representatives, and as such they welcome your ideas, opinions and concerns. Should you have a specific problem that requires attention, the board recommends the following course of action in resolving the issue:

  • Many issues result from incomplete information, misinterpretation, or miscommunication. The board strongly encourages anyone with an issue or complaint to attempt to resolve the concern with those immediately involved in the situation at the school level.

  • If the situation remains unsatisfactory, it should be brought to the attention of the building principal.

  • Unresolved issues should subsequently be addressed with district administration. The superintendent is responsible for the management of the district and has authority for all administrative decisions.

  • The school board is the final level of appeal for any administrative┬ádecision or for any policy issue with the district.

If an issue remains unresolved after exhausting all other avenues for resolution, a hearing with the school board may be requested by calling the superintendent's office at 503-534-2300.