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School Advisory Committees (SAC)

Each school's SAC information can be found on their website in the About menu.

School Advisory Committee Charter PDF

School Advisory Committee Charter

LOSD Mission: We are a learning community dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and educational excellence.

Board Appointed Advisory Committee Purpose:

Board Policy KC/BCF states, “As part of its continuous efforts to increase communication with the public and to provide for citizen involvement, the Board may appoint advisory committees including members of the community to consider matters of district-wide importance. Recommendations of such committees will be given careful consideration by the Board, but such recommendations will not relieve the Board of its legal responsibility to make final decisions about such matters. The Board may only be represented on selected committees that serve the Board when appointed by the Board Chair.”

SAC Alignment with LOSD Strategic Plan Priorities to:

Create a culture of belonging; achieve equitable academic outcomes; promote health and resiliency; and teach and practice sustainability.

Charge of SAC Committee:

Each school’s SAC will work with principals and staff to determine the needs of the district and schools and make recommendations to the Lake Oswego School Board. The Committee will work to engage community outreach to all
stakeholders including parents, students, staff, community members, and the business community.

Purpose of the SAC:

The SAC serves as a collaborative forum to advise the principal and/or school board on specific initiatives or priorities as needed by school or district leadership.

Scope of Work for SAC:
  1. Serve as a liaison among stakeholders including school committees, staff, students, parents, and the community at large; working towards the improvement of the school.
  2. Assist school principals in establishing priorities and goals and suggest ways to address issues, and assist with the collection of information and stakeholders' feedback.
  3. Develop creative ways to involve parents in the school and serve as a vehicle for building community support.
  4. Review of the district Strategic Plan and provide feedback.
Length of Committee Work:

Advisory Committees (except as specifically provided by the Board), will cease to function when their reports have been received or when the purposes for which they were established have been accomplished or cease to be

Committee Members and Terms:

The composition of advisory committees will be broadly representative and will take into consideration the specific tasks assigned to the committee. Appointment of community members to an advisory committee will be made by the Board. Appointment of staff members, when appropriate, will be made by the superintendent.

Committee Membership:

The Committee Member composition will utilize the district’s equity lens in order to ensure a broad representation of members. The district will seek to involve students, staff, families, and community members that reflect district demographics to inform decisions regarding the narrowing of the achievement and opportunity gaps. To the degree possible, committees will include geographic representation (schools and level of schools) and demographics in relation to (but not limited to): race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, and veteran’s status. Each committee will be made up of membership numbers that are appropriate to the task of the committee. Membership will include Superintendent appointed Ex-Officio, Board Liaison and Board appointed members.


Application deadline will be in March each year. Committee member selections will be announced by May 1 each year.


Members will be appointed to a two-year term and a member can serve up to three two-year terms, (recommended to serve no more than three terms) with the aim of staggered terms. Members must reapply at the end of each two-year term. Interim members may be appointed when a committee member is unable to fulfill their term. Interim members will be appointed by a majority vote of committee members and will serve until the position has been filled through the normal application process; not to exceed one calendar year. Recognizing that each stakeholder brings their own unique perspective to the committee, it is recommended that individuals serve on no more than two advisory committees at a time.

Committee Governance:

A chair or co-chairs will be selected by the committee at the first business meeting of the year. The chair or co-chairs will serve a one-year term and serve a maximum of two consecutive years in the position. When possible, the co-chair will move into the chair role after the chair serves their two years.
In addition, the LOSD School Board may appoint an Ex-Officio member to serve on the Advisory Committee. The term of service will be up to two-years. Duties of the LOSD School Board member will be to provide quarterly reports to the full LOSD Board.

Committee Membership Calendar:
Jan.-Feb. Promote committee openings via multiple mediums
Feb.-Mar. Applications open; application deadline before Spring Break
Apr. Selection process; announcement of member selection by May 1
May New members announced; district-wide advisory committee meeting
Aug.-Sept.* Abbreviated application, selection process for committees with openings

*In the event of unforeseen circumstances that create limited membership, the board may agree to open membership application outside of the membership calendar above.

Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Members:

Committee members are expected to attend every business meeting. If two consecutive absences, or three out of the previous five meetings occurs, the Chair will discuss with the committee member whether they need to resign from the committee. All committee members will:

  • Enter into the work with a learning stance and focus on what is best for all students, and in particular, those students who have historically been marginalized.
  • Fully participate in committee training provided by the district prior to beginning committee work, including learning such as the use of “Robert’s Rules of Order.”
  • Use the district’s equity lens as a filter for all decisions made.
Meeting Schedule:

All meetings of advisory committees will be considered open meetings. Monthly meetings will be scheduled September through May with June being optional. A calendar of committee meetings will be set by January each year for the following school year. A quorum of the committee is required to take an official vote on issues. The press may attend and report proceedings. The work of a board appointed committee is to hear from committee members. Visitors are welcome to attend and observe, and similar to board meetings, observers may provide public comment. Consistent with board policy, committee members will actively listen to public comments, but will not engage in dialogue or respond to comments. Guidelines for public input emphasizes respect and consideration of others. Individuals will not be permitted to engage in conduct that interferes with the ability of other members of the public to offer comment to the committee or that interferes with the ability of the committee to conduct its business.

Reports to the Board:

Committees will be expected to report to the board twice annually.