• To help ensure everyone has access to the park while we have a 50 person limit we will be implementing a 

    2-HOUR time limit. 

    1. Park patrons will check in at the check in booth

    2. They will fill out a quick card giving the following information: 

    • Name of one person from the group

    • Number of people in the group

    • Check in time

    • Check out time

    1. Once the time limit is up, park patrons need to leave if the park is at capacity OR if the park is not at capacity they need to go to the check in counter and can get a new card for 2 more hours

    2. Park employees will do periodic checks to help ensure everyone is following the time limit rules

Lake Grove Swim Park Open June 20, 2020

  • The Lake Grove Swim Park will open this season on Saturday, June 20. The swim park has new guidelines and regulations for the health and safety of park patrons. Managers and staff will be monitoring patrons for compliance. Before visiting the park, please be aware of these new park rules:

    • 50-person capacity at the park at any given time; if necessary, visit durations may be restricted to ensure equitable use of the park
    • Groups that come together need to be 10 or fewer people
    • Patrons need to observe physical distancing regulations around other people and groups 
    • The kiddie pool is closed until further notice
    • No rentals for games 
    • No swimming lessons
    • Limited food options served 
    To contact the Lake Grove Swim Park management, please email
Photo of Lake Grove Swim Park

History and Access

  • The Lake Grove Swim Park on Oswego Lake is operated by the Lake Oswego School District (LOSD).

    The park property was originally granted via a restrictive deed from the Oregon Iron & Steel Company to the former Lake Grove School District, which merged with the former Oswego School District in 1953 to form LOSD.

    Under the terms of the original deed, use of the park is restricted to residents within the boundaries of the former Lake Grove School District, who pay an additional property tax to support the swim park. 

    Residents must have a park pass in order to use the swim park. Passes are issued at the swim park and require picture ID with proof of residency (i.e., drivers license). Resident addresses are verified via tax records to determine eligibility.

    If you are uncertain if your residence is within swim park boundaries, you may inquire at the park or review your property tax statement. If your property is assessed for the swim park (PARK LK GROVE), you are eligible for a park pass.

    All Lake Oswego school children are eligible for swim park swimming lessons, even if their household is not eligible for a park pass.

Park Season and Hours

  • 2020 Park Season 

    Opens: Saturday, June 20

    Closes: August 21 for the season


    Park Hours

    Noon - 8 p.m. daily


Amenities Limited 2020 Season

  • Concrete wading pool for kids 7 years and younger -- CLOSED UNTIL COUNTY ENTERS PHASE 2

    Restroom facilities -- OPEN

    Lifeguards on duty for swimmers in the lake during all operating hours (swim tests are required) -- OPEN

    Ping pong -- CLOSED

    Volleyball -- CLOSED

    Tetherball -- CLOSED

    Basketball -- CLOSED

    Various other activities/equipment



3800 Lakeview Blvd.
Lake Oswego, OR

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