• Lake Oswego School District Spanish Immersion Program

    The Spanish immersion program offers instruction in both English and Spanish.  Spanish instruction is provided in an authentic environment, using creative research-based strategies and quality educational materials. Students acquire language skills and content knowledge, while also gaining an appreciation of other cultures. The instructional day for K-5 is divided by content area with approximately 50% of the instruction delivered in Spanish and 50% in English. Program offerings in grades 6-8 include a course of Spanish for Spanish Immersion students, and a two-period block with one hour of social studies and one hour of Spanish literacy. At the high school level, AP Spanish classes will be offered as well as study pathways for students with advanced Spanish language proficiencies.  

    Spanish immersion classrooms are self-contained and the targeted class size is 28 students. Program entry level is Kindergarten, and entrance is determined by lottery. A wait list is maintained. Should attrition occur, these lists provide the names of families who will be contacted regarding possible enrollment in the class.

    Families new to the district, or those currently enrolled who have students with Spanish literacy skills, may contact the district at any time and request placement on a grade level wait list.


    • Students will develop literacy skills in Spanish
    • Students will acquire Spanish communication skills as well as strong structural language skills that enable understanding of new concepts and vocabulary
    • Students will develop strong receptive and expressive Spanish language skills
    • Students will develop a positive bi-cultural disposition

    Program Overview:

    At the elementary level, instruction in literacy, science, and social studies is predominantly in Spanish, while math and writing is in English. Spanish is also infused throughout the day in classroom transitions and conversations and through songs, poetry and Spanish language stories.  In this way, the language becomes not just a vehicle for learning specific content, but helps students develop general listening skills, spontaneous verbal expression, reading and writing skills as well as meaningful daily conversational skills. The rigor will continue to increase as students move on to the upper grades.

    Our vision is to establish a district program known for its instructional quality and community enrichment. Our focus is on providing students with the critical structural elements of a second language, the cultural awareness of world citizens, and the skills and ability to engage in multilingual communication throughout their lifetime.




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