Absences during distance learning-- a new set-up:

    Parents, while we are in all-day distance learning, attendance procedures have changed.  Students who are not present, or are unresponsive with their video screen’s off during a class period will be marked “Online Absent” for that period.  With this set-up there are no “excused” or “unexcused” absences, only “online absent.”  Therefore, you do not need to call in your child’s absence unless they are going to be absent for more than one day.  However, if it is a multi-day absence coming up it would be good to know ahead of time so we can pass this information on to their teachers.


    Who to contact:  Multi-day absences can be reported in two ways:

    • You can send an email to 
    • You can call the attendance line at 503-534-2322 to leave a voice message reporting the absence or asking an attendance question.  We will be receiving these messages and calling back where needed.


    Another form of ‘present.’

    • Per state guideline for distance learning, if a student “interacts” with their teacher within 24 hours of a class period, their attendance will be changed to present.
    • A student “interacts” with any of the following behaviors (or any reasonable equivalents):
    1. Communicates with the teacher via chat, text message or email
    2. A phone call with the student
    3. Posting coursework to Google Classroom or turning in work in any other way


    No “Robo-calls:”

    During distance learning you will not be receiving automated calls for student absences.