Attendance Information

  • 2023-2024 School Year Attendance Information:

    Please call the Attendance Line (503-534-2329) or email ( to let us know about an absence, tardy or if you need your student out early. Reminder, please email LO attendance directly.

    Please allow 60 minutes when requesting a student of school early.

    Homework Requests: Students are responsible for checking StudentVUE on Synergy, Google Classrooms, or email teachers directly to obtain homework for missed instruction time.

    Attendance Secretary: Jennifer Uecker

  • Attendance Focus

    Your student's attendance is a crucial factor in his/her success at Lake Oswego High School.  One of our top priorities this year is supporting all students in developing regular attendance.  If a student is struggling with attendance and/or has unexcused absences, we will integrate supports to change that behavior.  In order to be successful, we need everyone's buy-in and a process to guide it to reality.

     Parents, teachers, students and administration all have a significant role in building a culture of the importance of attending school.  Our staff and administration are focused on their role.  We will address attendance policies with students upon their return.  As parents, we need your help as follows:

     Call the attendance office at 503-534-2329 prior to any absence.  You can leave a message at any time.  If that is not possible, call and excuse the absence within 24 hours.  If it is not called in, it will count as an unexcused absence.  This will help us track those students who truly are unexcused and alleviate the strain on our attendance office trying to clear up unexcused absences that are actually excused.

    • Excused absences are for:  illness of the student or family member, emergencies, pre-arranged absences for medical, orthodontic appointments, college visits, and school-related activities (over-sleeping is not an excused absence).
    • With early release on all Thursdays (dismissal at 3:05), we encourage parents to make student appointments on Thursdays or after the 3:30 release on other days.
    • Students must be in attendance at school for the full day in order to participate in athletic or activity practices or competitive events.   A student can still practice if they have pre-arranged a medical appointment that is no longer than one class period

     Of course if your student is ill, we want you to keep them home until they are well enough to return to school.  Most of our students have great attendance and recognize the importance of attending school.  But as in any situation, we can improve and that is our focus.  Thanks in advance for your support in this issue.

    Tardy Policy

    Being on time to class is very important at Lake Oswego High School. It is our expectation that students enter the classroom before the start of class or they will be marked "Tardy". When a student has been late to a single class more than three times the teacher may have a conversation with the student, and that student may be referred to the assistant principal for a conversation. 

     The spirit of this policy is to decrease the number of students being late to class without a valid reason. A valid reason would be a doctor appointment, counseling appointment, or any other necessary appointment that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours. The school will NOT penalize students for being late due to appointments.

    When a student is coming back from an appointment they need to check-in with the attendance office so they are not marked absent and to receive a pass to class.