2500 Country Club Rd. Lake Oswego OR 97034
    503-534-2335 fax 503-534-2341


LOJ Profile

  • LOMS is a three-year middle school (grades 6-8) on the north side of Lake Oswego. LOMS provides an inquiry-based and integrated curriculum focused on higher level thinking skills, as well as a broad range of electives and extra-curricular opportunities. Attuned to the developmental needs of early adolescents, students are grouped into grade-level teams for block scheduling and maximum teacher support.

    Lake Oswego Middle School features the following:

    • Grades 6-8
    • Enrollment: approximately 900 students
    • Test scores that consistently rank among the highest in the state
    • Rated an “Outstanding” school by the State of Oregon
    • Low student to teacher ratios
    • Talented and Gifted program with many academic club opportunites
    • “No-cut” after-school athletic programs in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and track
    • A thriving drama program that involves 25% of the student body
    • Emphasis on visual and performing arts, with introductory and advanced art, choir, band, orchestra, guitar, and drumming
    • One to one technology for students
    • Feeds into: Lake Oswego High School
    • Feeder Schools: Forest Hills Elementary, Lake Grove Elementary, Oak Creek Elementary


  • Kevin Mills, Principal
    B.S., Mathematics, Linfield College
    M.A., Education and Initial Administration License, George Fox University

    Jeff Giberson, Assistant Principal
    B.A., Fine Arts, New York University
    M.A., Teaching, George Fox University
    I.A.L., Administration, Portland State University