Lake Grove Elementary School Renovation: 2017 Bond Program

  • The Lake Grove Elementary School Renovation Project brought significant improvements to the 70+ year old facility. Along with safety and security improvements, classroom technology improvements, and seismic and infrastructure improvements, the school received a new roof. Students at Lake Grove are enjoying the Innovation Lab that was installed during the 2017 bond as well.

    Safety & Security Improvements included:

    • access control system
    • security camera system
    • upgrades to communication system

    Classroom Technology included:

    • large screen video monitors and Apple TV
    • Lightspeed audio enhancement systems

    Seismic Improvements:

    • gymnasium brought to Seismic Level 4 for immediate occupancy after a significant seismic event

    Infrastructure Improvements:

    • new roof
    • updates to HVAC
    • updates to control and electrical systems