Transportation Facility Community Open House

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    LOSD hosted a community open house regarding the new transportation facility. All were invited to the meeting at Lakeridge Middle School on Tuesday, May 24. Below are the four stations set up to share different aspects of the project. 

    Map of LO with industrial zones marked

    Community Commitments PDF

    • Lake Oswego location to ensure reliable and efficient transportation service
    • Large enough footprint to park the entire bus fleet plus staff vehicles onsite safely and securely
    • Infrastructure to maintain existing and potentially new (electric) vehicles
    • Office and gathering space to support transportation operations
    • New charging infrastructure with the potential to provide the grid with excess power and serve as a neighborhood charging station during power outages

    renderings of reimagined River Grove Elementary School

    Neighborhood Commitments PDF

    • LOSD is taking steps to make sustainable commitments to the Rosewood Neighborhood in the River Grove community.
    • Investing in a new highly efficient elementary school and transportation facility
    • Committing to community engagement 
    • Collaborating with neighbors and the school community

    elevation of new transportation facility improvements

    Facility Commitments PDF

    • Ten-foot sound wall and sound attenuating gates to serve as sound, visual, and security barriers to adjacent homes
    • New landscaping to make it aesthetically appealing
    • Security cameras projecting inside the facility and immediate frontage
    • Security lights without intrusion
    • Insulated maintenance facility
    • Sufficient backup and turnaround room to reduce beeping sounds

    traffic study findings

    Transportation Commitment PDF

    • Routing buses outside the neighborhood and away from the school
    • The bus fleet is out of the neighborhood during the morning commute and during elementary school arrival and dismissal times (except for buses serving River Grove neighborhood students).
    • Bus fleet out of the neighborhood ahead of elementary school departure
    • AM Trips (3 hours) -- Employees 56 enter/6 exit, Buses 10 enter, 55 exit
    • PM Trips (3 hours) - Employees 2 enter/53 exit, Buses 51 enter, 0 exit
    • Collaborating with neighbors and learning community on possible safe routes to school enhancements

Transportation Facility: 6333 Lakeview Boulevard

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