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Degrees and Certifications:

BS- Human Development & Family Science MEd- Master of Education- School Counseling & Guidance

Mrs. Drimmel

I am so excited to start my 4th year at Forest Hills! My School Counseling journey began at Oregon State, where I received my BS degree in Human Development and Family Science.  I then went on to gain my Masters in Education in School Counseling & Guidance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  After living & counseling in paradise for 12 years, my husband & b/g twins moved back to Oregon in 2016.  I couldn't love working with the amazing students, staff and community here at Forest Hills more.  When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family camping, adventuring or crafting! 

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    Hayley () Drimmel

    Hayley () Drimmel

    Graduation Year: 2008
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  • Alumni Directory
    Hayley () Drimmel

    Hayley () Drimmel

    Graduation Year: 2004
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  • Services & Supports:

    • Brief Solution-Focused Individual Counseling
    • Small Group Counseling
      • Social Skills
      • Friendship Skills
      • Zones of Emotional Regulation 
    • Facilitate Lunch Bunch
    • Behavior Management Support
      • Positive Behavior Reward systems
      • Check in/Check out
    • 504 Coordinator
    • Student Success Team Member
    • Holiday Support/ Community Resource Coordinator
    • School-Wide Monthly Guidance Lessons
    • Parent and Teacher Consultation & Collaboration
    • 5th Grade Leadership
    • 4th Grade Friendly Falcon Peer Mediator Program

Guidance Classes

  • September:

    • In September each classroom received a lesson on Social Thinking and our School Wide Expectations.  We use Social Thinking concepts such as Expected, Unexpected and Quick fix behavior choices as common language to teach/coach/redirect students by capitalizing on teachable moments.  This language builds social thinking skills and the foundations for self-regulation.  
    • Key concepts students learned this month are:
      • Whole Body Listening:
        • Eyes Watching
        • Ears Listening 
        • Mouth Quiet
        • Hands Still
        • Feet Quiet
        • Brain Thinking
        • Heart Caring
        • Whole Body Listening
      • Expected Behavior:
        • Things people do or say that others think is friendly, helpful or respectful to others
        • You might hear teachers/staff saying "The expected behavior is ___________" "Is that expected (thumbs up) or unexpected (thumbs down)?"
      • Unexpected Behavior:
        • Things people do or say that others think is hurtful, uncomfortable and disrespectful to others
        • You might hear teachers/staff saying "Is that expected (thumbs up) or unexpected (thumbs down)?"
      • Stop & Think: (hand gesture of stop signal and point to head)
        • "Stop and think, what is the group plan?"
        • "Stop and think, what is expected?"
        • "Stop and think, What tool can you use?"
      • Stop & Notice: (Hand gesture of stop signal and point to eyes)
        • "Stop and notice, are you whole body listening?"
        • "Stop and notice, what is the group plan?"
        • "stop and notice, what zone are you in?"
      • Quick Fix: 
        • Make a change to be expected/follow group plan (hand gesture of thumbs down or to side moving to thumbs up)
        • "Make a quick fix"
    • Our Primary classroom had fun learning the social thinking language and our school wide Expectations!  Our 3rd-5th grade students took it a step further and were broken up into 3 separate groups and investigated what it Looks like, sounds like and feels like to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  They all did a fantastic job defining these terms and discussing real life examples within our building.  They also learned the connection between expected behavior and our school wide 3 B's!
    • Our Kindergarten classrooms have received daily lessons from our Behavioral Education Assistant, Amanda Bywaters.  She has been reading them stories about Social Thinking and the response has been wonderful! Our littlest falcons are becoming social thinking experts and we see them using these skills every day!
    • Each student at Forest Hills has agreed to have expected, Respectful, Responsible and Safe behavior! We have each decorated a Falcon feather to showcase our unity to these agreements!

    Expected/Unexpected Behaviors

     3 B's

    Forest Hills Elementary School Behavior Expectations

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