• Emergency Evacuation Procedure - Students with Limited Mobility (permanent or temporary)

    The staff person supervising the student at the time of emergency evacuation is primarily responsible for assisting any student with a physical mobility impairment during the evacuation (teacher, EA). 

    Important Things to Remember:

    • Elevators cannot be used during actual emergencies
    • the Stryker Evacuation Chair is located next to the library on the second floor
      • please notify Donna Grossman (district physical therapist) if you would like to schedule a training
    • the SE stairwell is the one closest to the main elevator (labeled inside the stairwell on the 2nd and 3rd floors)


    Students in Wheelchairs Evacuation Procedure

    First Floor

    Second or Third Floor

    • accompany or assist student to exit with your class, using available ramps.
    • stay with the student
    • ask another teacher to supervise your class as they evacuate
    • accompany or assist student to the SE stairwell
    • 2-3 pre-designated staff (see below*) trained on the use of the Stryker chair will meet at the second floor SE stairwell
      • If student is in the third floor SE stairwell, notify the pre-designated staff of your location
        • the pre-designated staff will bring the Stryker chair up to the third floor SE stairwell
      • the student will be transferred into the Stryker chair and evacuated to safety
    • if you are unable to make it to the SE stairwell, assist the student to nearest stairwell and notify an administrator  or pre-designated staff of your location

    *pre-designated staff reporting to the SE stairwell: Nancy Longman, Danica Gazzigli, Tammy Moscato

    Students Using Crutches or Canes

    First Floor

    Second or Third Floor

    • Accompany or assist student to exit the building with your class.
    • Ask another teacher to supervise your class as they evacuate.
    • Accompany or assist student to the stairwell by which you normally exit.  
    • Wait until the stairwell is mostly clear.
    • Have student stand at the top of the stairs, place both crutches or canes in one hand and hold the handrail with the other.  
    • Stand one step below student, facing student, holding the handrail with one hand. Keep your feet separated by one step as you descend with student.  
    • Cue student to descend by placing the crutch on the step below, followed by the injured leg (or both together), then the strong leg.  
    • Hold your free arm in front of the student’s chest, ready to assist if needed, or place your hand on the student’s pelvis if more balance assist is needed.  
    • Assist/accompany student to rejoin your class at your evacuation location.  

    If you are uncomfortable assisting the student down the stairs, take the student to the SE stairwell and ask the trained staff at that location to assist the student.

    Note: if the student is unable to physically access your designated evacuation location once outside, assist/accompany the student to the Spirit Store, where the Pathways staff and students will be.  Please notify the Pathways staff of this additional student and confirm the student is now under their supervision. Rejoin your class.