Foreign Exchange

  • Enrolling Foreign Exchange Students in Lake Oswego High Schools

    The Lake Oswego School District is interested in furthering international understanding through international education and student exchange programs. Foreign exchange students are admitted to our schools through recognized, district-approved exchange organizations*.

    The superintendent assigns the number of spaces available for foreign exchange students at the high schools in order to assure that all District high school students have the opportunity to benefit from exchange programs and that the numbers do not negatively impact the educational opportunities and resources available to District students.

    • High school students only (who have not yet graduated from a secondary institution).
    • Full-year in duration or first semester, and for no longer than one year**.
    • 2020-21 school year: the number of spaces available for foreign exchange student placement is TBD. The Agency application will be available on February 1, 2020.
    • Each agency may place no more than two students per year.
    • Student application deadline: July 1st, 2020.
    • Minimum ELTiS score: 222.

    Refer to the Procedures and Guidelines for Enrolling Foreign Exchange Students for further information.

    * Visitors to Lake Oswego are not permitted to "shadow" LOSD students while visiting. All foreign exchange students must apply through an approved agency.

    ** Short-term placements (less than one semester) are prohibited.