LOJ TAG Program Documents

  • TAG Plan (students will create/revise in late Sept/early Oct with guidance)

    Description of TAG Pathways

    Written Overview of LOJ’s TAG Services

    Parent Input Form (Results from the form will be shared with your child's teachers. Please complete once a year; direction converstaions with individual teachers are always an option.)

    Slide show for 8th graders: Fall 2019 Every eighth grade TAG student was called to the library to revise their TAG Plan between 9/17-9/24. Many did not show up; my hope is that they read through the slide show, revise, and submit their plan by Oct. 18. Thanks. 

    Slide show for 6th graders: Fall 2019 Every sixth grrade TAG student was called to the library to create their TAG Plan between 9/27-10/4. If they were unable to attend the meeting, there are two options: 1) Meet with me in the library on Wed., 10/16 during advisory, or 2) Read through the slide show and follow the directions and models.