• Arrival for K-5:

    School begins at 8:20 am and students will be allowed in the building at 8:10 am.

    • To ensure everyone's safety, please do not arrive at Hallinan prior to 8 am as student supervision is not available. Our staff will be outside at 8 am to welcome students and assist them out of vehicles. Students should remain in their vehicle until a staff member is present.

    • Car riders will exit their vehicle on the passenger side. Parents must remain in vehicles.

    • K-3 students will wait at the front entrance until the 8:10 am bell; 4-5 students will wait undercover until the 8:10 am bell.

    • Students arriving after the 8:20 am bell must check-in in the office.



    Arrival for Pre-K:

    School begins at 9 am.

    • Pre-K students should be escorted by families to their exterior classroom door.
    • Students arriving after 9:10 am must enter through the main doors and check in with office staff. Staff will escort them to their classroom.


    Dismissal for K-5:

    School ends at 2:40 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and at 2 pm on Thursday.


    We have several options for dismissal - car rider pick-up, walker pick up, bikers, Champions after care and bus rider pick up. Please make sure your child knows their go home plan each day.

    • Car riders: Car riders will meet their families in front of the main entrance. Families will queue up around the circle. To move the pick up line in an efficient manner, please post a sign in your front passenger window with your child’s full name and grade, this will help us locate them and help them to your car. Families must remain in their car and students must enter the vehicle from the right passenger side. Students must be able to buckle their own seatbelt. If your child needs assistance, please park your car and meet them in the walker pick-up area.

    • Walkers: Teachers will drop students off at the undercover area by the playground - please meet them there.

    • Bikers: Will walk their bikes to the undercover area.

    • Champions After Care: Teachers will drop students off in the Gym.

    • Bus riders: Teachers will walk bus riders to their bus. Please make sure students know their bus number and bus stop number. You can find all that information HERE. Transportation is currently finalizing bus stops - we'll let you know as soon as they are completed.

    • The cul-de-sac by the playground is not a designated drop off and pick up area. The entire cul-de-sac is designated by the city as a no-parking zone to ensure that emergency vehicles are able to access the school if necessary. If you choose to meet your child at the undercover area, please park on the street (not in the cul de sac) and walk up.


    Dismissal for Pre-K:

    School ends at 3 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and at 2:30 pm on Thursday. Please pick up your students at their exterior classroom doors.