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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Westridge students are expected to come directly to school and go home by the safest possible route. On their way to and from school, students are to conduct themselves courteously and obey all school and traffic rules.


Westridge students should arrive at school between 8:00 am and 8:10 am. The first bell is a 8:10am. Adult supervision starts at 8:00 am and is located in the front of the school only. Students may not play on the playground or under the covered area prior to school beginning. There is no supervision in these areas.

Once students arrive we ask that they stay in front of the building and line up by grade level at their assigned door. 


The safety of the students is the most important goal during drop-off and pick-up.  We all have the responsibility to see that every child is safe.  In addition, we need to keep traffic moving to facilitate student arrival and dismissal in a timely way.  It is imperative that the following rules are observed:

  • School buses have first priority. Please defer to bus traffic at all times.
  • Parents who drop off along the curb (in front of the bear bench) must stay in their cars. If your child needs help getting out of the car or getting their backpack out of the trunk then you must park in the parking lot.
  • Do not park or stop on the red fire lane curbs. This impedes the ability of the busses exiting the parking lot. Even if you are in your car you cannot stop on the curbs painted red.
  • Please watch for the crossing guards and when they walk out with their stop signs do not go past them. They are here to keep children safe and we must respect their role.
  • Do not park on Royce below the school on the right hand side as you come up the hill. This curb lane is where cars queue up to come through the pick up line in front of the school. Parked cars slow down this flow.
  • Avoid blocking Royce if possible. There are people in the neighborhood who are frustrated by not being able to move up/down the hill. Also, we need to make sure emergency vehicles could get through.
  • Respect our neighbors. Please respect the driveways or mailboxes of our neighbors. Follow all traditional DMV setbacks (e.g. 4 feet from a driveway).
  • Do not drop off children at the median planter in the parking lot or double-parked on the curb line in front of the bear bench. This causes children to have to pass in front of cars who may not be expecting them or see them. Also, please do not drop off on the red curb line in front of the flag pole. This area is reserved for bus drop off.
  • Be patient!  You are training your child(ren) on how to follow rules and laws by the example you set.


If students arrive or leave school by walking, they should walk with other students, cross the street only at the pedestrian crosswalks, and go directly to and from school.


The District partners with Student Transportation of America to provide services home and to Palisades School for extended care services. Bus riders are required to follow all bus rules and instructions by the bus driver. Infractions of the bus rules may result in bus referrals issued by the bus driver. The principal will implement consequences on bus referrals issued. Continual infractions of the bus rules may result in the student's loss of bus riding privileges. Although we recommend that students younger than 10 have someone meet them at the bus, Kindergarten students must have an adult or older sibling meet them at the bus stop before they will be allowed off the bus. In the event that your kindergarten student is not met at the stop, the bus driver may make a second attempt. If the driver cannot drop off the kindergarten student to a responsible party, the child will be brought back to Westridge. The contact number for the bus barn is (503) 387-5078.


Students who ride bikes to school are expected to follow all traffic laws and be courteous riders. Use of a helmet is a state law.  Students must walk their bicycles at all times while on school grounds, on sidewalks surrounding the perimeter of the school, and when crossing any street.  Bicycles must be parked in our student bike rack and locked.  Students are to provide their own locks.


Students may not use skateboards, skates, rollerblades or scooters to, from or at school.  Skateboards are not allowed on any school property at any time as per district and city codes.  Skateboards, skates, roller blades and scooters brought on campus may be confiscated from student and returned to parents.


When the teacher dismisses the students at the end of the school day, we ask that they go directly home, to their designated transportation area, or to parent pick up.  Students may not go to another student's home without making arrangements prior to coming to school.  If you want your child to go home with a friend, please send written notification to your child's teacher. Please be mindful that your child’s teacher needs to have any email communication prior to the start of the school day regarding that day’s change of go home plan. Same day emergency go home plans need to be phoned in before 2:00 pm at 503-534-2371.    

 If a child is not picked up in a timely manner (10 minutes after dismissal) every effort will be made to contact you or those persons listed as emergency contact, to pick up your child.  There is no supervision provided at Westridge after school.  


We understand that plans change and there are days when unforeseen circumstances may require you to make a change in your child’s routine. In the event that this occurs, as referenced in the Lake Oswego Parent-Student Handbook we ask that you please hold to a minimum the change of plans for your children at the end of the school day. It is extremely difficult for office staff at the end of the school day to take messages that must be transmitted to the teacher and child regarding changes in after school plans. Our schools cannot guarantee that last minute messages can be delivered in a timely manner. Your student’s well-being is foremost in our minds just as it is in yours. For this reason, we are requesting written notice prior to 12:00pm from families who find it necessary to change end-of-day plan notifications to the classroom teacher as well as front office staff at Andrea Murphy - and Jodi Steward at After 12:00pm, please call the office directly at 503-534-2371. While we realize that emergencies do arise that could necessitate contact at the end of the day, we would expect these to be exceptions and not the norm. Thank you!

 To Summarize * Change in Go Home Plan*

TRANSPORTATION CHANGE: Written documentation must be sent to your child's homeroom teacher as well as office staff prior to 12:00pm in order for us to change your child's usual afternoon transportation home. Any non-emergency changes that occur after 12:00pm need to be communicated to the front office at 503-534-2371.

EMERGENCY DISMISSAL CHANGE: For EMERGENCY dismissal changes, notify the front office at 503-534-2371 by 2:00 pm if your child’s usual afternoon dismissal has changed. Please, no dismissal changes after 2:00 pm.  

Thank you for your help in following these procedures so we can provide a safe environment for all children.

*Please note that teachers instruct until the dismissal bell and students lose valuable instructional time when checked-out early.