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  • 2020 AP Exam Cancelation

    With the College Board changes on how AP Exams are being administered this year, we cannot cancel AP Exams in advance. 

    An exam E Ticket for Admission will be automatically generated for each exam* 2 days before the primary exam date. If a student does not log in to test on the primary exam date, College Board will move the exam to the makeup date for the exam in June. Two days prior to the makeup date, an E Ticket for Admission will be generated for the makeup date. If that E Ticket for Admission is not used on the makeup date, the exam will be canceled.

    If a student does not take the exam on either testing date, it will be treated as a canceled exam. In that way, students can “choose to cancel” by not taking the exam. 

    *AP 2D Art and Design, AP 3D Art and Design, AP Drawing, and Computer Science Principles do not follow these cancelation instructions.