• How do you communicate issues with parents and families?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 9/19/2018

    We know that one thing that we can always improve is communication with parents and families. We are appreciative that our community knows that if you have quesitons or concerns, we want to hear from you! Check out our, "Who do I contact?" FAQ for ideas about where to direct those questions.


    Additionally, we work hard to provide reliable and predictable communication, even when events may be unpredictable (inclement weather, emergency situations, unexpected events, etc.). Below, you'll find a communications matrix our school developed and works hard to follow consistently so that we are communicating clearly with our families:

    Threshold/Event Communication Timeline Audience Method Communicator
    Routine Communication Weekly on Wednesday All staff, all families Listserv, website, twitter Office team and administration
    Transportation Immediate Affected staff, families, students App notification, text, Twitter Office team/Bldg. Admin and/or CO
    Weather Event Immediate All staff, all families, students App notification, text, Twitter, robocall, Flash Alert CO and Bldg. Admin
    Threat to student, staff, or school safety Immediate All staff, all families, students App notification, text, listserv email, robocall Bldg. Admin and/or CO
    High visible event/incident (cafeteria fight, ambulance, fire, police, etc.) Same day All staff, all families, students App notification, listserv email, and/or twitter Bldg. Admin
    Isolated but signficant event (major injury, fight, drugs/alcohol) Same day/Within 24 hours Involved parents/staff Phone/email Investigator/responding staff/bldg. admin/counselor
    Broad pattern of concerning behavior Within a week All staff, all families, students Listserv email Bldg. Admin/counselor
    Individual incidents Within 48 hours Involved parents/staff Phone/email Investigator/ responding staff/ admin/counselor
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  • Who do I contact?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 9/5/2018

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  • What is Symphony Day?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 11/30/2017

    Symphony Day is held annually on the last day before winter break and features a special schedule and assembly where all our students are treated to a performance by our band, orchestra, and choir featuring their winter concert highlights. To celebrate this special day we encourage all students and staff to dress in festive formal(ish) attire. Often folks will don their sparkly sweaters, favorite winter scarves, or other fun finery to celebrate the occasion. Parents are encouraged to enjoy the music of these groups at the numerous evening winter concerts in the days preceding symphony day. Check the school calendar for details.

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  • How are Middle School GPAs calculated?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 11/22/2017

    Frequently Asked Question: How are Middle School GPAs calculated?

    At the middle school we calculate two different types of GPA. The MS Current Term GPA is reported on student report cards and reflects student GPAs for the report card term. For all courses, A range = 4 points, B range = 3 points, C range = 2 points, D range = 1 point. The MS Cumulative GPA is reported on the middle school transcript and is used for end of year awards. For all courses, A range = 4 points, B range = 3 points, C range = 2 points, D range = 1 point. This GPA multiplies the points earned by number of credits earned, so that an A worth .33 credits (trimester courses) results in a lower GPA than an A worth 1.0 credit (year-long courses).

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  • What are the halloween costume guidelines?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/25/2017

    Costumes will be in good taste for an academic setting and not interfere with the educational process. All classes will take place normally on these days and costumes must allow students to take part in ALL classes, including P.E. Students whose costumes do not follow these guidelines will be sent home to change and will be expected to return in normal school dress.

    • ​Face-masks will not be allowed. Unusual or bizarre make-up does not constitute a costume and if asked to remove it, students will be expected to do so promptly.
    • Dressing as some current rock stars or celebrities could be inappropriate in a school setting. Any such costumes will be judged very carefully as to their suitability at school. Dressing in gang attire is not allowed. Any reference to alcohol, drugs, sex, or violence is considered inappropriate.
    • Colored hair spray and glitter have caused problems with eyes. Use of such materials must be done at home before coming to school. Do not bring these products to school.
    • Remember that toy weapons of any sort (replicas of knives, guns, or any other type of weapon) may not be brought on campus even as a part of a costume. Violation of this guideline will be regarded as a violation of the District’s weapons policy and will result in disciplinary action per district policy.
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  • What is a mixer?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/25/2017

    A mixer is a celebratory, community-building event that happens once each trimester, usually in conjunction with a Spirit Week. Our first mixer of the year will happen at the end of the day on Tuesday 10/31. During the mixer, students will be able to choose from a variety of fun, community building activities including crafts, board games, foosball, pe games, quiet reading, photo booth, a dance in the cafeteria, and more. Each class will be shortened by approximately five minutes to accommodate the mixer period at the end of the day on Monday. This is a fun celebration of school spirit and camaraderie that students look forward to each trimester.

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  • Can kids make phone calls and texts to parents during school?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/5/2017

    As we enter cold and flu season, please remind your child that if they are not feeling well and they want to call or text you for support or pickup, they need to first report to the office. We’re happy to help kids make a call home and want them to be well taken care of. If students don’t feel well and don’t report this to school staff, it is much harder for us to ensure their safety and well being. Thanks for reminding your child to contact you from the office even if they’re using their own phone.

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  • Can kids bring in food and drinks when arriving late to school?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/5/2017

    We’ve noticed some students arriving late to school or returning from appointments with treats from Starbucks, Dutch Brothers, and other spots. Please remember that these items are not allowed in classes or lockers where spills can create sticky messes. We ask that families save these treats for times away from school or during lunch time in the cafeteria. Ideally, appointments would be scheduled outside of school times as well so that kids can maximize their learning time during the school year.

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  • Is there a crossing guard?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/4/2017

    We are fortunate to have a wonderful crossing guard in the morning who braves the rain, wind, and weather to help our kids crossing Bryant and Jean safe. Please help us out by respecting her and watching for out for all our pedestrians. LOPD will also be joining our crossing guard from time to time to assist with traffic law enforcement. Following the rules of the road helps keep everyone safe on their way to and from school. Thanks for your help with this effort!

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  • Are food deliveries allowed at lunch time?

    Posted by Kurt Schultz on 10/4/2017

    Parents and guardians are welcome to drop lunch deliveries for their child to pickup on our lunch drop off table just inside the front doors outside the office. The pickup is on the honor system so clearly labeling your child’s items is helpful. Adults are asked not to deliver food or treats intended for groups of students for birthdays or other celebrations as this has sometimes been disruptive to our cafeteria’s communal eating environment, left some students feeling excluded from a friend’s celebration, or been cause for concern for our students with allergies. Thanks for celebrating special events with friends after or outside of school time.

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