Lakeridge Middle School Profile

  • Lakeridge Middle School is a three-year middle school (grades 6-8) on the south side of Lake Oswego. Lakeridge Middle School provides an inquiry-based and integrated curriculum focused on higher level thinking skills, as well as a broad range of electives and extra-curricular opportunities. Lakeridge Junior High features the following:

    • Grades 6-8
    • Enrollment: approximately 875 students
    • Test scores that consistently rank among the highest in the state
    • Rated an “Outstanding” school by the State of Oregon
    • “No-cut” after-school athletic programs in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and track
    • Opportunities in visual and performing arts including introductory and advanced art, choir, band, orchestra, guitar, and drumming
    • Feeds into: Lakeridge High School 
    • Feeder Schools: River Grove  Elementary, Westridge Elementary, Hallinan Elementary

Mission & Goals

  • Our mission is to be a nurturing and safe learning community that embraces the uniqueness of middle school and supports everyone as thoughtful, contributing learners and citizens.



    1. Plan for and implement multiple pathways for learning.

    2. Work together to ensure all students are learning essential grade level standards.

    3. Nurture and sustain a positive culture of trust, collaboration, and celebration where everyone feels valued.