Attendance Information

  • Attendance Line 503-534-2371

    Attendance Email:


    • When your child is absent or late due to illness, appointments or travel, please email or phone the office to let us know. Our voicemail is always on, so if you think of it before school hours or in the evening, you can even call then.

    • When students are late to school, they must check in at the office. One of the secretaries will give them a late slip and then they can head to class. This is for anyone arriving after 8:20 am when the second bell has rung.

    • When you know your student is going to be late to school make plans for lunch. Our lunch count is given to the kitchen staff first thing each morning, taking the lunch orders is the first thing teachers do along with attendance. If you are going to be late to school and you know your child is planning on having “hot lunch” please call in your student’s order in the morning.  If they arrive after the count is turned in they can’t be guaranteed to get the lunch item they are hoping for.

    • When students leave for an appointment, they must be checked out and then back in at the office. We cannot send the child out front to watch and wait for you. We ask you to please come in. Additionally, we will call your child from class for you; please do not go to your child’s classroom to get them.  We try to keep classroom interruptions at a minimum.