School Advisory Committee

  • The LMS School Advisory Committee (SAC) provides an important communication link between the school board, the school, and the community.

    SAC members work to facilitate citizen involvement in the decision-making process of our school. SACs assist school principals in establishing priorities and goals, suggesting ways to address issues, and assisting with the collection of information and citizen opinion.

    Applications are accepted each spring for committee openings beginning the following school year. Members serve two-year terms and are appointed by the school board. School Advisory Committees typically meet once a month. For more information, contact LMS Principal Kurt Schultz

    Date                             Time                            Location

    Sept 23, 2019                7:00-9:00PM                 Lake Oswego HS (District SAC)

    Oct 15,2019                  5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    Nov 19, 2019                5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    Dec 17, 2019                 5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    Jan 21, 2020                  5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    Feb 18, 2020                 5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    March 17,2020             5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    April 21, 2020               5:00-6:30PM                 LMS

    May 26 , 2020               7:00-9:00PM                 Lakeridge HS (District SAC)


    School Advisory Committee Members 2019-2020

    Member                                               Term Expires

    Bassaly, Ann Marie                              2020

    McDowell, Jennifer                              2020

    Philpott, Jenna                                     2020

    Woodcock, Charlotte                           2020

    MacLachlan, Michelle                          2021

    Krup, Jamie                                         2021

    Katcher, Danielle                                 2021

    Ohr, Jaime                                           2021

    Madamala, Kusuma                             2021

    Monicah McGee                                   (SSPAC)