•  Contact the PTSO: westridgeptso@gmail.com

    The Westridge Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) provides sponsorship of activities and support of programs for the direct benefit of our Westridge students, teachers and families. All families of Westridge students are members of the PTSO and they are invited, and encouraged, to engage and participate in PTSO activities. As PTSO members, families receive access to the school directory, a yearbook, a student t-shirt and have voting privileges in PTSO general decisions. 

    We are excited for the 2022-23 school year and the opportunity to resume more in-person events and volunteer opportunities. This year the PTSO is supporting Back-To-School events, National Walk & Roll to School Day, Oregon Battle of the Books, Westridge Run / Walk / Roll Fun Run, Class Seasonal Celebrations, 5th grade graduation events, Teacher Support and Curriculum Enrichment by Grade Level. 

    Each of these activities and so many more are made possible by the generous donations of Westridge families and community members. Because of funds carried over from the last couple of years, we are fortunate that this year the PTSO will only need to do limited fundraising to support our school. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the PTSO General Meetings to be held 7-8pm on the third Thursday of every month!   

About the PTSO

  • PTSO stands for “Parent Teacher Student Organization.” Westridge PTSO’s main objective is to enhance our children’s learning environment via community building activities, curriculum support, and facility enhancements. We strive to make every child’s potential a reality.

    Overall, we work to strengthen the sense of community between Westridge families and faculty through events, programs, and initiatives; and to foster meaningful communication between them.

    We hope all parents, teachers and staff will join the Westridge PTSO to help carry out this mission. Remember your child will spend six years in elementary school, three years in junior high and four at the high school. Given that almost 50% of their time is spent here, it’s a great place to start to lay the foundation for future success. Welcome to a community that not only values education, but backs it up every year.

    Examples of the line items that PTSO supports:

    • Introducing students to theater through hands-on acting
    • Yearbooks for each and every student
    • Art Literacy: Lake Oswego City Sculpture, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso, Miro.
    • STEM Night
    • Educational support materials: for the classrooms, such as IXL math, robotics
    • Library books: Purchasing new up-to-date books for our school (Hard copy and electronic versions for a variety of Lexile levels)
    • Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)
    • Classroom parties
    • Facility Improvements: Playground equipment and structures
    • Purchased iPads, Chromebooks, Smart Boards etc in the past


    How can Westridge parents assist the PTSO?

    ATTEND PTSO MEETINGS- During our meetings we provide important information on all upcoming events.  

    VOLUNTEER - We support about 30 events a year and we could not run all of our events successfully without the help of our fantastic parent volunteers. We look forward to your support in order to continue the educational enrichment valued by the Westridge community. Any amount of time you have to volunteer is appreciated.

    FUNDRAISING - Please consider participating in our upcoming fundraisers during the school year. Every little bit helps and 100% of all the money raised goes back directly to Westridge.

    Get connected to your school, tap into a network of families and be a role model to your child by demonstrating the importance you place on education. Our entire PTSO Executive Board looks forward to working with you on another productive and successful school year! If you have any questions or would like to contact the PTSO with any ideas, please email WestridgePTSO@gmail.com.


2022-23 PTSO Board

  • President:

    Laura Perry (Westridgeptso@gmail.com)

    Communications Officer:

    Kristen Hilton (Westridgecommunications@gmail.com)

    Volunteer Coordinator:

    Keely Yaguda (Volunteerwestridge@gmail.com)


    Emily Lievens (Treasurer.westridgeptso@gmail.com)

    Assistant Treasurer:

    Angel Campbell


    Jen Singer-Brown