• Hello, Westridge Parents 👋

    The Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) at Westridge is committed to cultivating an educational community that empowers students to thrive. We aim to establish a connection between parents, teachers, and students, fostering an atmosphere that promotes cooperation, encouragement, and progress.

    The PTSO offers a wide variety of programs and initiatives that benefit our school in many ways. We support our teachers with resources and assist in the classroom while also organizing exciting events that inspire our students to discover and develop their skills and passions.  As a community, we understand the significance of the PTSO in making our school an exceptional place to learn and grow together. Through collaboration, we can ensure a memorable and enriching future for our children.


  • The Westridge PTSO consists of parent volunteers who collaborate to support the school staff and students and build a thriving school community. Our mission is to strengthen the connection between parents, teachers, and students at Westridge Elementary. We are dedicated to enriching the educational experience by providing resources, support, and opportunities that empower our students to thrive academically, socially, and personally. Through collaboration, advocacy, and community-building, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child can reach their full potential.


    At Westridge, the PTSO greatly values the tireless efforts of our devoted parents. Their contributions, both in terms of time and finances, are crucial in helping us reach our objectives of: 


    🌟 Enhancing Students' Experience - The PTSO strives to create a supportive, enriching, and inclusive school environment that promotes our students' educational journey and overall well-being. By funding diverse student programs, we aim to contribute to the growth and success of our students.


    📚 Supporting Teachers - The PTSO is a valuable asset to the educational community as it demonstrates appreciation for teachers and provides support in multiple ways. We organize events to acknowledge their hard work and dedication and offer necessary materials and academic support to enhance their instruction.


    🏘 Building Community - The PTSO plays an essential role in fostering a strong school community where everyone feels acknowledged, heard, and empowered to contribute to the success and well-being of students. We organize various events, meetings, and social gatherings that bring together parents, teachers, and school staff, promoting a sense of belonging and unity.


    Without their unwavering dedication, we wouldn't be able to offer the enriching experiences, resources, and support that benefit our students and the entire school community. Together, we make a significant impact on our children's educational journey, and we sincerely appreciate your involvement.

  • There are numerous opportunities to support and contribute to the PTSO. We invite all individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact and enhancing our school environment to join us. Below are ways in which you can participate and help make a positive difference in our school community:

    1. Contribute Financially — Consider making a financial contribution to support our programs and initiatives. Every dollar counts. You can make your 2023-2024 donation today.
    2. Volunteer — We have a range of volunteer opportunities, from helping with events to assisting in the classroom. Your time and expertise are invaluable. Sign up to volunteer.
    3. Attend Meetings — Come to our regular meetings to stay informed about school updates and PTSO initiatives. Your voice and ideas matter. View our meeting calendar.
    4. Attend Events — Participate in our fun school and community events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about upcoming events.
    5. Share Your Ideas — Have a unique idea or suggestion? We'd love to hear it! Your input helps shape our initiatives. Send our PTSO Board an email.
    6. Spread the Word — Follow us on social media, share our updates, and encourage other parents to get involved too.

    Your involvement in Westridge PTSO benefits not only your child but the entire school community. We appreciate your support and look forward to working together to create a positive and enriching educational experience for all our students. Join us today!


2023-24 PTSO Board Members

  • Co-Presidents
    Keely Yaguda & Lily Erickson (

    Co-Communications Officers
    Jere Hall & Michelle Urban (

    Volunteer Coordinator
    Carly Dodds (

    Emily Lievens (

    Assistant Treasurer
    Kristen Hilton

    Laura Perry


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