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Tutoring Services

Lake Oswego Community School requires the family to locate, identify a tutor/service provider, and reserve space for the tutor/service provider and their child. 

  • For a tutor/service provider (i.e. collecting their own payments and fee structure), they would need to provide proof of liability insurance, per district policy.
    • The TULIP program offers liability insurance that you may want to look into.
  • The tutor/service provider and/or family would pay $100 to reserve a space for a year. The $100 would act as a facility rental, which would not grant them liability insurance.
    • The usual rate that a tutor unaffiliated with the district would pay for a classroom would be a minimum of $40/hour. Under this situation, it would be a great cost reducer for the tutor.
    • If the tutor paid for it, they would have unlimited weekday access to the room to book sessions in.
    • If the family rented the space, they could book multiple tutors under the same unlimited weekday access.

Community School reserves the room/space for you on the online system. This would allow for custodians and secretaries to know that the space would be used and to have it be unlocked and available on school days. For more information, you can contact Community School using our contact form.

The district also keeps an up-to-date tutor list as a resource for families.

LOSD Tutors