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Fee Waiver/Fee Reduction

Consistent with our mission to be an inclusive learning community, the LOSD Community School accepts fee waiver/reduction requests for low income families. Qualifying families must be permanent Lake Oswego Residents and 1.) have a student(s) currently enrolled within the Lake Oswego School District or 2.) are homeschooled. Please note that fee waivers/reductions are not guaranteed, and may only be used for in district extra-curricular or enrichment fee-based programs operated by LOSD. Fee waiver or reduction does not apply to CS programs operated by outside parties.  Additionally, some CS enrichment programs do not grant a full waiver and limit fee reductions to ensure CS programs are viable.  Waiver or reduction approvals do not apply to equipment, uniforms, material fees or other noted out-of-pocket expenses. The outcomes of requests are based on district policy and state law.

Please use the link below to access the fee waiver/fee reduction packet to complete.

Fee Waiver or Reduction Form

To be considered, please use the Community School Contact Form to contact us with the subject Fee Waiver/Reduction. We will respond via email to request your completed form.