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Driver Education

Registration links will be posted on our Community School Enrichment page.

Requirements for Registration

All students MUST meet the following ODOT’s course requirements PRIOR to Registration:

Students must currently be 15-17 years old. Please read the special notes at bottom for details about licensure and turning 18+ during the class.

Students must have an Oregon State Instruction Permit and submit the following information at the time of registration

  • Permit Number
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date

Requirements for ODOT Traffic Safety Certificate

  • Complete the course before receiving a driver's license
  • Complete the course before turning 18 years of age
  • Passing grade in all class work and behind the wheel and observations
  • 100% attendance in online and drive labs is required
  • Student drivers must have a valid instruction permit

Additional Parent Information:  Parent Guide to Teen Driving PDF

Intro: The driver education course is a comprehensive program committed to preparing the young driver to be a safe operator in today's complex driving environment.  But safe driving doesn't simply result from taking a driver's course.  The course must have a lasting impact.  It has to affect the behavior and attitude of the driver well beyond its duration.  That only happens when all three partners-student, teacher and parents-combine their cooperative efforts to produce maximum results.  Our program uses specially equipped vehicles for your child's safety; no drive simulators are used.
How it Works: The student will attend 30 hours of classroom instruction and participate in 12 hours of in-vehicle instruction, which consists of 6 hours behind the wheel and 6 hours of being a passenger in a car being driven by another student(s) in our specially equipped Driver's Ed cars.  The passenger's time is spent observing the driving environment and becoming familiar with signs, signals, rules of the road, etc.
  • Additional drive time will be required during the course. The instructor will outline the additional time requirements on the first night at the parent information meeting.  Plan to attend this short, yet informative meeting.
  • Drive day and time will be selected by the student driver during the second date of the class schedule.  Your online instructor will go over this in more detail during the parents' meeting.  Parent involvement and commitment is especially important to maintaining this tight schedule.  Behind the Wheel instructors will be available to meet and assign your child. All drive times will occur outside the regular online instruction.  Once drive times are selected, drives will begin to occur after the first two online class dates have been attended. You should be prepared for behind the wheel schedules to extend beyond the final online class date. 
  • "Parent Night" is mandatory for both you as the parent and your student, (note: attendance is taken).  Parent Night is on the first night of class and will introduce parents and students to the following important information: 
    1. Students that fail to pass their final driving test on their first attempt with our examiners may continue to test in alignment with DMV guidelines. We require 28 days to transpire before the next testing date can be scheduled. A fee of $50.00 is due prior to each additional test.
    2. Additional practice driving sessions are available for a fee of $50.00 per hour. This extra driving time will allow the student to develop additional skills, experience, and confidence behind the wheel. 
    3. Students that have not completed the LOSD Driver Education Program with a passing grade within 180 days from the start of class will be recorded as failing the course, and their ODOT certificate will be destroyed.
  • PARENTS/STUDENT PLEASE NOTE:  Once all paperwork has been received from instructors, Community School will begin to process your child's file.  Generally, this process can take an additional 7 - 30 days.  You will be notified by your Instructor and/or Community School if any missing items are needed to complete your child's file.

Test Waiver: For students with valid driving permits ages 15 through 17 years of age, the State of Oregon, Department of Transportation Safety Division, will now issue Driver's Education Certificate of Completion cards to those students that successfully complete the course and the final drive. To qualify for this certificate that is valid for 2-years, the student agrees not to pursue their Driver's License from DMV until they have completed the course and have been issued the card. 

Students 18 Years and Over: Students who turn 18 years of age during the course will not be issued a ODOT TSD Certificate of Completion and will instead receive a signed completion certificate from the District certifying that they have successfully completed the course.  This group of students will be required to take the driving test when they apply for their Driver's License.  Students are not required to present the provider certificate to obtain their license.  Often, these provider' certificates are used for insurance, employment, etc.

For more information about "Why Drive with Ed", see the ODOT – Traffic Safety website Why Drive with Ed  Valuable information is clearly outlined to help you and your student driver make this important decision. 

Contact Information:
Tim Drumhiller, DE Coordinator/Teacher
Phone: 503 534-2419

LOSD Community School Driver Education Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation/Refund Requests

  • All cancellations/refund requests must be submitted via email directly to Community School at Contact Us before midnight PST on the due date specified.
  • Verbal Cancellation/Refund Requests are not accepted.
  • Cancellation/Refund Requests received before midnight PST on the specified due date will be refunded for their tuition less a $45.00 cancellation fee.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellation/refund requests received after midnight PST of the specified due date.

To Request a Cancellation/Refund - Please include the following components in your email:
Subject: Cancellation Request
Include: Student’s Name
Session Day
Short narrative as to why you must cancel and that you understand our cancellation policy.