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Equity Lens

Equity Lens Graphic

LOSD Equity Statement: We are committed to equity, access, inclusion, embracing diversity, and the success of each and every student. We strive for an inclusive and barrier-free environment, with practices that ensure that each and every person has meaningful access to high-quality education and opportunities to thrive. We align with these commitments by using the following guiding questions.

Guiding Questions When making decisions and taking action, we apply the following questions:

1. How does this decision align with our mission of being a learning community dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and educational excellence? How does this decision support our strategic priorities to 1) create a culture of belonging; 2) achieve equitable academic outcomes; 3) promote health & resiliency; and 4) teach & practice sustainability?

2. Who does it impact? For example, who are the socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, ability, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation groups affected by this practice or decision? What are the potential impacts on these students, staff, families, and community members? Who has opportunities and who does not?

3. Does this policy, program, practice, or decision ignore, worsen or disrupt existing disparities and opportunity gaps? Does it produce other unintended consequences?

4. How does this decision contribute to a sense of inclusiveness and belonging for all, prioritizing students and families who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized?

5. How will we follow up to ensure this decision has met its intended outcomes? How will we measure success?

View all policies, including Educational Equity, developed through our Equity Lens by searching the LOSD Policy Manual