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DEIA Shared Language

Giving Meaning to Words We Use in Our Schools


LOSD Equitable Outcomes & Culture of Belonging 

The Lake Oswego School District is committed to achieving educational equity (Equity Policy). The goal is to raise the academic and social achievement of all students while narrowing any existent opportunity gaps within the LOSD learning community.

The Lake Oswego School District believes that equity, access, diversity, inclusion, and anti-bias/anti-racism are essential to the development of the following 21st Century skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The LOSD community has identified the following working definitions of these key terms:

Equity: Giving every member of our learning community the distinct opportunities, supports and resources they need to develop and thrive.

Access: Providing diverse pathways and necessary supports that remove physical and/or other barriers to ensure meaningful educational opportunities and equitable outcomes for all people.

Diversity: Acknowledging, understanding and celebrating all the characteristics and experiences that make people different from one another.

Inclusion: Recognizing every individual as an essential part of the learning community with a right to authentic, meaningful participation and decision making.

Anti-bias, anti-racism: Actively challenging stereotyping, prejudice and all forms of discrimination in order to create a community that supports all dimensions of human differences, including culture, race, language, ability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, socioeconomic, and other areas of social differences.

These working definitions will be used to drive the district’s continual improvement plan, which prioritizes a culture of belonging and equitable outcomes, and will be supported by the District’s commitment to:

  • Removing barriers that interfere with students' wellbeing, resiliency, sense of belonging or ability to learn and thrive.
  • Removing the predictability of failure and success that currently corresponds to social and cultural factors.
  • Interrupting inequitable practices, examining biases and creating inclusive school environments.
  • Providing pathways, accommodations and supports for all students.
  • Discovering and cultivating the unique gifts, interests and talents that every human possesses.
  • Expecting educators to plan for all learners so that each and every one of them can meet rigorous standards and experience growth.
  • Providing a safe and inclusive space where people feel a sense of belonging, and can thrive regardless of their unique identities.
  • Protecting and supporting the mental, physical and social health of all students, families, staff, and visitors.


LOSD Policy Manual

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access Shared Language PDF