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Add New Parent/Guardian

Press the Add New Parent/Guardian button to add parents or legal guardians in addition to yourself, as applicable. You may enter up to four parents/guardians for a student. By default, everyone you enter as a parent/guardian will receive district and school communications, including attendance/absence notifications.

Do not enter emergency contacts on the Parent/Guardian page. You will have the opportunity to add emergency contacts later in the process.


Legal First and Last Name are the only required demographic fields for a parent/guardian. Please complete the other fields if applicable. Use standard capitalization rather than all capital letters or all lowercase letters (e.g., enter "Jane Doe" rather than "JANE DOE" or "jane doe").

Parent/Guardian lives at this address: By default, the home address you entered for yourself is assigned to each additional parent/guardian. Uncheck this box if you wish to enter a different home address for the parent/guardian.

Contact Information

At least one phone number must be entered for each parent/guardian, and one number must be flagged as Primary. The number(s) you provide will be used by your child's school to contact you with questions about your registration, if your student is absent from school without an excuse, and in the event of an emergency.

Military Status

This screen records whether the parent/guardian is a member of the Armed Forces on active duty or full-time National Guard. This includes members of the reserves who have been called to active duty for at least 180 consecutive days. (This information is requested by the Oregon Department of Education.)

Registration: Press the Add New button only if the parent/guardian meets the above criteria.

Verification: If the parent/guardian is no longer a member of the Armed Forces on active duty or full-time National Guard, enter the approximate End Date of when this status ended.

If the parent/guardian does not meet these criteria, just press Save And Continue.