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Transfers: LOSD Residents

Transfer Options for Students Who Reside Within LOSD Attendance Boundaries

Students who live within the Lake Oswego School District attendance boundaries and wish to enroll in either another Lake Oswego school or another school district, may be eligible to transfer. Please review the transfer guidelines below for the appropriate option.

Transferring Within LOSD (In-District)

Each school in the Lake Oswego School District has an attendance area defined by the Lake Oswego School Board. To enroll your student in a Lake Oswego school outside of your attendance area, please submit a transfer request form for the appropriate grade level.

Transfer Request Prioritization

Transfer requests are granted based on space availability, which is determined by each grade's teacher-to-student ratio and school capacity targets set by the School Board. The following are the criteria in order of how all transfer requests are prioritized:

  1. Student was originally moved by an LOSD requirement, i.e. kindergarten overflow or enrollment in a program, and wishes to remain at the school.

  2. Student has tenure at the school.

  3. Student is the sibling of a student opting into a program at the requested school.

  4. Student is making a transfer request for the first time.

  5. Student is new to the district.


Transfer Out of LOSD to a Non-Resident School District

Families residing within Lake Oswego School District boundaries who wish to enroll a student in a public school district other than LOSD must obtain approval through the inter-district transfer process.

Families are encouraged to contact the non-resident school district they are seeking to enroll in to inquire about their process for enrolling non-resident students.

Students enrolling in a private school/program are not eligible nor required to submit transfer requests.