Black Student Mentorship Program

  • The Black Student Mentorship Program is aimed at guiding and supporting elementary-aged Black students by working to develop supportive mentoring relationships with Black students from Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High Schools.  The goal is to provide them with positive role models while fostering representation in our community and their lives.

    Students benefit in many ways:

    • Having a safe space provided for them where they can be around other young Black people in the community.
    • Having an outlet to vent frustrations and disappointments related to school, feelings of racism, and relationships with peers.
    • Having access to the guidance of older students who understand what it is like to be in their shoes.
    • Broadening their knowledge/understanding of Black history and culture by exposure to experiences offered in and around our community.

    The mentorship program is led by our high school students. Look for invitations to participate after school begins.